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Imperial Law Associates is a globally recognized and award-winning full-service firm in Nepal dedicated to providing intelligent and strategic legal services. The Firm is well-known for its legal team of advocates and experts that possess exceptional legal knowledge, practice, and competence, with a total experience of over fifty years. The firm is the highest-rated 5-star law firm in Nepal.

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Highest Rated Lawyers in Nepal

Surendra is the firm’s founding and managing partner, as well as the head of its litigation department. During his tenure, he brought and won several court cases with an extraordinary success. 

Deepesh is the firm’s founding partner and manages its corporate department. Deepesh has actively participated in Nepal’s largest corporate law litigation. 

In addition to the two cornerstones of the firm, Seema Adhikari, Nitin Raj Patel, Roshna Chauhan, and additional Legal Associates advocate for the firm.

Top Lawyers and Advocates in Nepal

Upendra Keshari Neupane

Senior Advocate Neupane, who is licensed by the Nepal Bar Council, has considerable experience in litigation, policy advising, and corporate law. He has represented international investors, government agencies, NGOs, and individuals in a variety of legal situations, and speaks English and Nepali as well as Hindi. Neupane’s efforts extend to policy formation, as he helped design major laws such as the Children’s Act and the Sports formation Act.

He has advised significant organisations such as the Federation of Nepali Chambers of Commerce and Industries and the Nepal Electricity Authority. Neupane also serves as Chairperson of Nepal Credit and Commercial Bank Limited and contributes to humanitarian groups such as the National Olympic Academy and the Child NGO Federation of Nepal.

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Surendra is a Nepal Bar Council-licensed Advocate who specializes in corporate law, foreign direct investment, cyber law, information technology law, and civil and criminal litigation. He earned a BA, LL.B. from Tribhuvan University and an LLM in Corporate and Financial Law from the O.P. Jindal Global University.

Surendra’s considerable expertise allows him to provide legal advice to international enterprises, telecommunications firms, and individuals. He is proficient in English and Nepali, and has a working knowledge of Hindi. Surendra is the head of his firm’s litigation department, where he represents clients in a variety of legal problems such as copyright infringement, contract enforcement, and cyber law concerns. He also participates in internet governance activities.

Deepesh Ojha Best Corporate Lawyer in Nepal a

Deepesh is a licensed Advocate in Nepal who specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment, labor and employment law, and intellectual property law. He has a BA LL.B. from Tribhuvan University and an LLM from the O.P. Jindal Global University. Deepesh heads the corporate department, which advises international investors, broadcasting services, hotels, hospitals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and Nepalese government departments.

He speaks English and Nepali fluently and understands Hindi. He offers legal advice on taxation, technology transfer, labor relations, market entrance, and acquisitions. Recent clients include Lotte GRS Co., the Nepalese government, Centurion Law Group, Ravitej Projects, and international humanitarian groups.

Our Expertise and Recognition

Imperial Law Associates has developed a distinct specialization in Civil, Corporate, and Criminal Legal Matters. The Firm, which has a staff of over 30 legal professionals and paralegals, is well recognized across the world for its expertise in corporate law and practices.

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