Introduction to TMT Law

TMT Law, also known as Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law is concerned with Laws, Regulations, and Legal Provisions related to the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector. It includes broad legal issues such as Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, Entertainment Law, Telecommunications Law, E-Commerce, Regulatory Compliance, etc. Imperial Law Associates is a leading Law Firm in Nepal dedicated to providing an unparalleled service in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Laws.

TMT Laws in Nepal

Telecommunications Act 2053 is the leading Telecommunication Law of Nepal promulgated to make Telecommunications service reliable and accessible while regulating and systematizing it. The National Broadcasting Act 1993 and the Press and Publication Act 1992 are the two primary Media Laws of Nepal promulgated after the restoration of democracy to increase the widespread impact of Media in Nepal. Electronics Transactions Act 2063 was also promulgated for electronic transactions and control of unauthorized use of electronic records.

Our Services

Technology Law

The National Landscape of Technology has been in a state of continuous expansion and evolution. Our Leading Technology Law Firm has been assisting its clients in technology Law such as Registration and Protection of Technology Law, Electronic Transaction and E-Commerce Regulations, and other licensing agreements so regular within the realm.

We have handled complex cross-border technological transactions, drafted relevant privacy policies and terms and conditions for leading Multi-National Companies, and actively participated in raising Internet Governance Awareness in Nepal through the use of technologies.

Media Law

Regarding Media Law, Imperial Law Associates has been consistently acting in the position of Legal Advisor or Private Consultants for Clients and Companies alike involved in the Media and Entertainment Business.

Our Competent Drafters have acquaintance with drafting Agreements related to Licensing, Distribution, etc. We are the Leading TMT Law Firm in Nepal through our extensive connections and proficient advice.

Telecommunications Law

Telecommunications Law has several physical, financial, and legal compliance and regulatory requirements requiring a broad Legal Advisory Body along with competent Advocates and licensed lawyers for Court Litigation.

Our Law Firm is actively engaged in the Telecommunications Sector as we conduct regular compliance checklist assessments, due diligence, and procurement projects for our clients.

We also directly participate in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and prefer Arbitration and Negotiation as the prescribed mode.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy have been an alarming concern Globally and Nationally. Our Firm has wide experience in data protection and privacy laws and regulations.

We also draft customized and tailored Privacy Policies for Social Media Companies and other Large Conglomerates including the Terms of Conditions and other appropriate documents.

Cyber Law

The Electronic Transaction Act 2063 is the major Cyber Law of Nepal where Imperial Law Associates houses top Cyber Lawyer and competent legal professionals.

Our Law Firm files cybersecurity complaints settles and negotiates cyber-related disputes, and negotiates related Contracts.

Finally, we encourage our Clients to comply with the prevailing Cyber Law of Nepal.

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