An Overview of Sports Law in Nepal

Sports Law in Nepal, including the Administration of Drugs, Match Fixing, Registration of Sports Associations, and the Establishment of the National Sports Council, is regulated by the National Sports Development Act 2077 B.S.

1. Registration of Sports-Related Institution

A sports-related institution must be registered with the National Sports Council to operate sports-related activities within Nepal. If such an institution wants to register its name, they are required to make an Application to the Sports Council by setting out the following matters, along with a photocopy of its Statute: 

(a) Name and address of the institution,

 (b) Type of sports to be operated,

(c) Names, addresses, and occupations of the executive committee members.

It can register a name of its own upon making necessary inquiries. Further, the National Sports Council has been granted the power to register the name of such an institution within 35 Days of receiving such an application. 

The Conditions for Registration of Sports Association are: 

  1. If the Sports Association is established for a Single Sport 
  2. If the Official of the Association isn’t part of more than one Sport 
  3. If the Election of the Officials of the Association is conducted Democratically along with Yearly Audit 
  4. Application of Code of Conduct to both Players and Officials 
  5. Other Regulations as Specified.

2. Sport Law in Nepal (Offence and Punishment)

2.1 Usage of Prohibited Drugs

Players are prohibited from using or causing the use of Prohibited Medicines in National and International Sports Games. If an Individual consumer Prohibited Drugs, including Steroids, for the First Time, they are punished according to the amount and nature of the consumed Drug. The Player is prohibited from participating in any form of the game for the First Time, with a fine of NPR 10,000. 

However, the Player is fined from NPR 10,000 to NPR 50,000 for the Second repetition. Moreover, An Individual shouldn’t incite, force, encourage, or deceive a player to use prohibited Medicine in National and International Sports Games. The Individual is punished with a fine of NPR 10,000 to NPR 50,000.

2.2 Match Fixing

An Individual is prohibited from bringing a specific result to a game without Competition through Fixing while representing Nepal outside or Inside Nepal or in any competitive game. Match Fixing is prohibited in Nepal and punishable according to Section 32 of the National Sports Development Act. Section 33 of the Act has prescribed the relevant Punishment to Match Fixing. 

Suppose an Individual participates in Match Fixing while representing Nepal or the National Games. In that case, they are liable to be imprisoned for a term not more than three years and a fine of up to NPR 50,000 along with the confiscation of the Fixed Amount. If an Individual forces, instructs, incites, encourages, or assists a Player in Match Fixing, they shall be punished as the Principal Offender. If such Individuals represent the Government or are in Government posts, they are further liable to three more years of imprisonment.

3. National Sports Council

A National Sports Council has been established in Nepal to develop sports and sports-oriented training. The Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports chairs the Council. The Prime Minister acts as the Patron of the Council. It shall be an autonomous Corporate Body with Perpetual Succession. The Term of the Nominated Members shall be four years. The National Sports Council is required to meet at least twice a year. The Functions, Duties, and Powers of the Council are as follows: 

(a) To organize sports competitions at the district, regional, national, and international levels from time to time to enhance the level of sports,

(b) To send sportspersons, members, and employees of the Council to take part in sports-related competitions or meetings,

(c) To advise the Government of Nepal on matters relating to sports,

(d) To provide financial or other assistance to the sports-related institutions or make recommendations to the Government of Nepal for such assistance,

(e) To conduct training competitions relating to sports in educational institutions and to make publicity, or cause to be made publicity, as to the utility of sports,

(f) To encourage the writers or producers of such books, pamphlets, slides, motion pictures, or video films to enhance the standards relating to sports by providing them with financial or other assistance.

(g) To build stadiums and sports fields throughout Nepal, as per necessity, for the successive development of sports, and protect and look after them,

(h)To form sports development committees at the regional, district, town, and village levels for the development of sports,

(i) To give necessary directions to sports-related institutions from time to time,

(j) To arrange for the provision of training by native and foreign trainers, as per necessity, for the enhancement of standards of sportspersons, and select appropriate sportspersons and send them to pursue training abroad, as well, as per necessity,

(k) To make recommendations to the Government of Nepal to provide scholarships and financial assistance to sportspersons,

(l) To make necessary provisions for the protection of the health of the sportspersons,

(m) To arrange for the organization of training and competitions for the development of sports by people with disabilities who have met disabilities physically and mentally due to various causes and make, or cause to be made, publicity about the importance of such sports, as per necessity,

(n) To arrange, or cause to be arranged, other necessary provisions for sports development.

3.1 Funds of National Sports Council

National Sports Council has a fund of its own with the following Sources: 

(a) Amount received from the Government of Nepal,

(b) Fees received in consideration for imparting sports-related training,

(c) Amounts earned from having exhibited/performed sports,

(d) Amount provided as donation or grant by any person or institution,

(e) Amount received from any foreign government, international institution or agency,

(f) Amount received from any other source.

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