Small Business Registration in Nepal: A Guide

Small businesses in Nepal can be registered at the ward office or the department of cottage and small industries, and then a permanent account number can be obtained. The article has provided the procedure for registering small businesses, the necessary requirements and documents for registration, as well as the length of time required to register the businesses.

1.1. What are small businesses?

Small businesses are privately owned initiatives, shops, and ventures operated in Nepal by the owner or a small number of employees and generate lower revenue. Small businesses can be registered in Nepal by applying to the ward office of the area where they operate.

1.2. What are the laws and government authorities governing small businesses in Nepal?

The registration of small businesses in Nepal is governed by ward directives and local government procedures. 

The Ward Office of the respective local body, the Inland Revenue Department of the respective district, and the Department of Cottage and Small Industries are the governing authorities for small business operations.

1.3. Is it necessary to register small businesses in Nepal?

Yes, it is required by local government directives to register local businesses in Nepal. The process of registration is simple. If the business is a shop or any other type of business, the individual has the option to register it with the ward office. The company must also be registered with the Department of Cottage and Small Industries if it is entrepreneurial and involves the creation and development of products. 

1.4. Is it possible to register small businesses as companies in Nepal?

Certainly, small businesses can be registered as companies; however, this registration can introduce complications to the business’s structure.

1.5. What is the procedure for registering small businesses in Nepal?

Step 1: Conduct a Rental Agreement

An individual should preferably formalize a rental arrangement between the house owner and the business owner prior to the registration of the business. Both parties benefit from a written rental agreement.

Step 2: Submit an application to the Ward Office.

Subsequently, an application may be submitted to either the ward office of the business’s operation or the Department of Cottage and Small Industries.

The Ward Office must receive an application that includes the business’s location, type, and any additional information that is deemed necessary. The application must be submitted to the appropriate personnel at the office and must be waited for until it is processed. A ward registration certificate for the business will then be issued by the ward office.

Step 3: Submit an application to the Department of Cottage and Small Industries.

Alternatively, the business may be registered with the Department of Cottage and Small Industries if it satisfies the aforementioned criteria. The department will receive the application and provide the individual with instructions on how to proceed with the process.

Step 4: Obtain a Permanent Account Number

The small business operator must also register with the Inland Revenue Department to obtain a permanent account number (PAN) for financial, legal, and tax transactions.

Step 5: Completion and Operation of Small Businesses

After the completion of the procedures stated above, the business is deemed to be registered.

1.6. What are the documents required to register a small business?

The documents required to register small businesses in Nepal are:

  1. Certificate of Citizenship of Nepal
  2. Certificate of Registration of Permanent Account Number
  3. Rental Agreement between the Small Business Owner and the House Owner.
  4. Additional relevant documents are needed.

1.7. How long does it take to register a small business?

Small businesses can be registered within a week, including ward registration, PAN registration in the Inland Revenue Department, rental agreements, and more.

1.8. How do I find legal assistance for small businesses in Nepal?

Imperial Law Associates can provide relevant legal assistance to empower small business owners in Nepal.


The process of registering as a small business requires a rental agreement, submitting an application to the appropriate authority, and obtaining a PAN from the Inland Revenue Department. Small businesses, privately owned and operated with a few employees, generate lower revenue. Local government procedures and ward directives govern the registration process. It is mandatory to register small businesses, and the process is straightforward. 

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