Capital Markets

Capital Markets which involves Share of Public Companies, IPOs, Secondary Offering, etc. is tightly regulated to prevent fraud or cheating. Several Authorities such as NEPSE, and SEBON have set up rules and regulations for both Traders and Companies. For Companies aiming to be Public, a legal advisory on Capital Markets has become mandatory. Imperial Law Associates provides a Leading Capital Markets Practice in Nepal with renowned corporate lawyers and an established Legal prominence in the landscape of Nepal. Our Services in Capital Markets expand from IPO Filing to Compliance, Drafting, and Bonds. 

IPO Filing and Compliance

The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) acts as the apex regulator of Securities Markets in Nepal. Nepalese Securities Compliance and Regulation is strict with several enforcement mechanisms. To navigate these challenges, Imperial Law Associates assists companies in preparing for Initial Public Offerings. We also conduct preliminary due diligence before IPO Filing. We manage the legal elements of Filing IPO Documents along with regulatory authority coordination. After Filing for Initial Public Offering, we also maintain post-IPO compliance with SEBON Regulations.

Advise on Secondary Offerings

After the successful launch of an IPO, the Shares of a Public Company are traded through a Secondary Offering. For this purpose, the companies must have fulfilled all eligibility and compliance criteria. Our Firm ensures the proper drafting of related agreements and contracts for a successful secondary offering with a statement of Registration.

Issue Corporate Bonds

Bonds issued by companies to raise money successfully raise money are known as Corporate Bonds. Corporate Bonds are sensitive and require sufficient coordination and negotiation with Investors. We act as Legal Advisors while issuing Corporate Bonds. We also draft documents for issuing Corporate Bonds and fulfill the regulations of Capital Markets.

Complete Legal Advice on Capital Raising

Capital Raising proceedings are initiated to raise funds and capital from external sources for expansion or fulfillment of a company’s objectives. While raising Capital, several elements are directly associated with Capital Markets Law. Imperial Law Associates provides detailed legal advice on capital raising. We also acquaint our clients with the Legal Provisions and regulations established for Capital Raising in Nepal. Moreover, we conduct swift due diligence on investors before aligning with them. We also comply with the prevalent Securities Laws of SEBON, NEPSE, and much more.

Capital Markets Regulatory Compliance

Capital Markets falls as one of the extensively regulated and sanctioned Corporate Law Sector in Nepal. It consists of several regulatory mechanisms related to Fiscal Transparency, Conflict Resolution, etc. To cope with these mechanisms, our Firm prepares and files annual and quarterly reports that cover regulatory mechanisms in Nepal. We investigate all transactions to ensure their alliance with all requirements. We also resolve disputes and conflicts arising from Regulatory issues while maintaining appropriate contact with the Regulatory Bodies of Nepal.

Mergers and Acquisitions of Security-Listed Companies

Mergers and Acquisitions, a global business practice, have the potential to grow revenues, increase profits, expand as well as reduce the cost of regular administrative operations. Mergers and Acquisitions involve several legal impediments and generally require a talented and passionate Law Firm to handle the whole process. Meanwhile, Imperial Law Associates also acts as a Merger and Acquisition Law Firm in Nepal ensuring approval from SEBON and NEPSE. We also draft all related agreements, contracts, and other documents for merger agreements, share purchase agreements, etc.

All forms of Documentation and Contract Drafting

Finally, Companies in the Capital Markets Space regularly enter into expansive deals that require rigorous contract and document Drafting. As a general practice, a Law Firm or Legal Advisor is a must for contract and document drafting. Imperial Law Associates drafts all forms of documents and contracts in Nepal for Public Companies from Offering Documents, Memoranda to M&A Documents. We also prepare documents for bond issuance and prepare and file regulatory documents.

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