Public Procurement

Imperial Law Associates a Distinguished Public Procurement Law Firm in Nepal offers a comprehensive suite of Legal Services in matters related Public Procurement such as Tender, Bidding etc. With a team of young, experienced, and specialized Corporate Lawyers in Kathmandu, we provide expert legal advice and representation in various aspects of Public Procurement such as Due Diligence, Legal Representation, Intellectual Property Procurement, and much more.

Public Procurement Regulation Advisory

Imperial Law Associates provides services on Public Procurement Regulation Advisory in Nepal by conducting thorough Regulatory Compliance Assessments to Nepalese Regulations. We also regularly update our clients’ policies for Regulation Advisory if regulations have been changed to ensure compliance. We guarantee impeccable legal advice for complete aspects of Public Procurement

Drafting and Reviewing Procurement Documents

Our Team of Expert Legal Professionals extends to expedient Drafting of Procurement Documents with Financial and Legal Compliance. We draft a wide range of Procurement documents such as Request for Proposals, Invitation for Bids, and Requests for Quotations. Our service also involves the evaluation of existing procurement documents. We also assist in developing Bid Evaluation Criteria and preparing contract award documentation.

Procurement Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance with Nepalese Rules and Regulations is a cornerstone for Public Procurement Projects. Our Legal Experts attempt to minimize legal risks for our clients. Our Firm actively conducts Contract Compliance, updating contracts to Nepalese Employment and Labor Regulations and monitoring and assessing contract performance while swiftly addressing legal issues. When Contract Disputes circumstantially arise, Our Law Firm represents our clients and prioritizes Alternative Mechanism of Dispute Resolution.

Representation in Procurement Disputes

Imperial Law Associates has a track record of successfully representing clients in various procurement disputes. Public Procurement involves both Private and Government Coordination resulting in uncoordinated proceedings and unstable responses causing several disputes and conflicts. Our Firm has experience in providing amicable resolutions to costly litigation. Our Experienced Lawyers provide meticulous Legal Representation nationally and internationally with guarantee enforcement for our clients.

Due Diligence Public Procurement Law Firm in Nepal

Due Diligence and relevant Assessments are crucial when engaging in Procurement Projects. Imperial Law Associates conducts legal Due Diligence on its clients’ Procurement Projects with comprehensive reviews and investigation of relevant legal loopholes. We perform compliance Audits and ensure adherence to Nepalese Rules and Regulations.

Legal Advice on Government Contract Procurement

Imperial Law Associates offers its expert Legal guidance on various arrays of Government Contract Procurement in Nepal which includes complete drafting of agreements and contracts, cost-effective legal representation, and Legal Advisory Board as well as Bid and Proposal Legal Evaluation. Our Firm also excels in contract negotiation and represents our clients with absolute compliance with applicable laws and favorable contract terms.

Investigation and Audits Related to Procurement

Our Public Procurement Lawyers in Nepal offer investigative services for Procurement Contracts, Proposal, and Evaluations for potential inconsistency and fraud. We conduct fully compliant legal audits of the Procurement.

Intellectual Property Procurement

Imperial Law Associates has specialized expertise in Intellectual Property Procurement. We conduct Intellectual Property Rights assessments to evaluate the IP with Procurement Contracts and retain rights and licenses. Our Services also extend to the negotiation of IP Licensing and Franchising Agreements for safeguarding the interest of our clients. We have specialties in Copyright Protection, Trademark Protection, and Patent Continuation for Government Contract Procured Products.

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