Project Finance

Project Finance in Nepal involves multiple facets of legal, financial, and technical matters that require an expert advisory body, especially for legal services which we, Imperial Law Associates provide. Imperial Law Associates is a distinguished and leading Project Finance Law Firm in Nepal reputed for its large clientele, expedient legal services with extremely talented lawyers providing a complete set of Services on Project Finance in Nepal from Due Diligence and Legal Compliance to Contract Drafting and Deal Structuring. 

Financial Structuring of Deals

In Nepal, achieving financially sound and structurally optimized Deals for Project Finance is complicated because of the involved risks. So, an initial strategic planning on Structuring Deals must be thought through. Here, Imperial Law Associates conducts legal negotiations with investors and lenders to secure beneficial loan terms and agreements. Our Firm also strategizes for the structuring of Financial Deals.

Project Finance Due Diligence

Project Finance, which tends to be a lengthy and exhaustive process, suffers from several irregularities throughout. To mitigate legal issues, a regular Due Diligence must be initiated. Our Firm conducts legal due diligence for your Project Finance. We also suggest veterans and experts for financial due diligence and assess legal risks associated with the Project.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Every Company ensures compliance with prevailing laws, rules, and regulations to avoid legal complications. As Project Finance is based on Financial Loans, Debts, Equity, and Future Profit, its legal aspect is more nuanced. For these Projects to be actually successful, they must ensure compliance with existing laws. Our Firm assists in obtaining necessary permits and licenses for Project Finance. Our Firm also ensures environmental compliance for Industrial Projects while coordinating with regulatory authorities and bodies.

Agreement and Contract Drafting

Agreements and Contracts form an integral aspect of Project Finance in Nepal. Legally and Financially healthy contracts assure successful operation with certainty. Imperial Law Associates has drafted project-related contracts such as Loan Agreements, Construction And Energy Contracts as well and Venture Agreements. Moreover, we have prepared project agreements for related stakeholders and drafted all the required contracts.

Project Finance Securities Compliance

Our Firm also conducts registration of securities, bonds, and debentures issued for Project Financing. We draft a Memorandum to provide required information to our investors and adhere to the security disclosure requirement. If necessary, we also assist the Project in necessary filings, reporting and all legal matters directly concerned with Securities Compliance.

Tax and Debt Structuring and Restructuring

Debt forms the financial backbone of Project Finances and we ardently suggest Project Finance have diligent lawyers with experience in Corporate Law for specialized lawyers/Law Firm concerned with debt. We completely handle the legal nuances of debt financing agreements including interest rates, repayment schedules, etc. We also ensure projects comply with Tax Regulations without incurring penalties.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes, Conflicts, and Disagreements are quite regular in Project Finance and consequently, can cause huge financial losses or tradeoffs harming the overall structure of the Financed Project. To prevent the unfolding of legal disputes, our Firm resorts to implementing various agreements to avoid disputes. We encourage our clients to use Alternative Dispute Mechanisms. We efficiently facilitate Negotiations and Mediation while resolving these Disputes. If the disputed parties resort to Arbitration, we represent our clients in Arbitration Proceedings.


As a result of exceptional situations, Litigation and Court Proceedings are unavoidable. If so, our numerous world-class advocates shall proficiently advocate on your behalf in a wide range of court matters from Contractual Disputes and Contract Enforcement to Project Termination and Investment issues. We also tackle insolvency and restructuring issues in the Court.

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