Obtaining Business Visa in Nepal: Immigration Lawyer in Nepal

Business visas are provided to businessmen or foreign investors who are willing to engage in foreign direct and indirect investments. In the context of Nepal, obtaining a business visa is contingent upon the duration of the business in Nepal, the monetary value of the business arrangement, and the sum that foreign investors are prepared to invest.

1. What are the main laws governing business visa in Nepal?

Following are the main laws governing the business visa in Nepal:

a) Immigration Act, 1992 (“Immigration Act”),

b) Immigration Rules, 1994 (“Immigration Rules”) and

c) Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, 2019

2. Is it compulsory for a foreigner to receive a valid visa prior to entering Nepal?

a) Pursuant to Section 3 of the Immigration Act, no foreigner is entitled to enter into and reside in Nepal without holding a passport and a valid visa.

b) Immigration Rules has provided different types of visa including (a) Diplomatic Visa, (b) Official Visa, (c) Tourist Visa, (d) Study Visa, (e) Non-tourist Visa, (f) Business Visa, (g) Transit Visa, (h) Non-residential Visa and (i) Residential Visa.

3. Who are eligible for receiving business visa?

Following person are eligible for receiving business visa:

a) Foreigners who have obtained approval to make any investment in any trade or industry in Nepal or an authorized representative of such trade or enterprise.

b) Foreigners who have obtained approval to make an investment in order to carry on export trade from Nepal.

c) Foreigners who visit Nepal from third countries and who purchase and export goods manufactured in Nepal or make a purchase order for exports.

4. Which is the responsible authority for granting, regulating and renewing the business visa?

The Department of Immigration (“Immigration Department”) is the responsible authority for granting, regulating and renewal of business visa.

5. What is the procedure to obtain a business visa?

Obtain the Recommendation Letter from the Department of Industry (DOI) or the relevant government agency in Nepal.

The DOI will conduct an inspection before issuing the recommendation.

The Department of Immigration will grant the business visa based on the Recommendation Letter.

6. What are the documents that need to be submitted to obtain business visa?

Following documents needs to be submitted before the Immigration Department to obtain business visa:

  • Recommendation letter from DOI or concerned line agency of the government of Nepal
  • Certificate of industry registration of the company,
  • Bio data (if you are first time applicant),
  • Approval letter of foreign investment,
  • Evidence of foreign investment,
  • Copy of the passport of the person for whom the business visa is sought,
  • Copy of certificate of tax registration of the company,
  • Copy of tax clearance certificate of the company,
  • Copy of certificate of the company registration, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association,
  • Certified copy of operation of a bank account in the name of the company,
  • Proof of operation of the industry (audit report with a balance sheet and progress report, extension approval),
  • Shareholder register book recorded by the Office of the Company Registrar,
  • Industry Monitoring and Supervision report of DOI or line agency and
  • Progress report of Company.

 Please Note: No business visa shall be required for Indian nationals to work in Nepal.

7. What is the government fee required for receiving business visa?

The business visa varies according to the amount of business investment made:

Investment Amount (NPR)

Visa Fee for 1 Month

Visa Fee for 1 Year

Visa Fee for 5 Years

Less than NPR 10 Million

$ 35

$ 400

$ 1000

More than NPR 10 Million

$ 20

$ 200

$ 500

More than NPR 100 Million

No Charges

No Charges

No Charges

Note: If business Visa applicant has made an investment of more than NPR. 10 million, ‘Share Details’ is mandatory along with other necessary documents for visa processing.

8. How much time is required to receive a business visa in Nepal?

Normally it may take about 3 to 4 weeks at DOI or the concerned line agency to obtain the recommendation letter and may take about 5 working days to receive the business visa from the Immigration Department.

 Please note: The above-mentioned time is a tentative timeline and sometimes it may require more than the expected timeline.

9. What is the time period for the validity of a business visa?

Business visa is issued for at least a month and the maximum for five (5) years. Generally, the Immigration Department provides business visa for one (1) year and needs to be renewed yearly.


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication, solicitation or inducement of any sort from the firm or any of its members. The firm shall not be liable for consequences arising out of any action undertaken by any person relying on the information provided herein.


Business visas in Nepal typically range in duration from a minimum of one month to a maximum of five years. Within a month of completing all the required processes, individuals can obtain a business visa for Nepal. Applicants for a business visa are required to submit more than 10 documents, after which an inspection will be conducted prior to the final issuance of the visa.

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