Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital is a legal and financial business requiring expert legal advice and lawyers in Nepal. In the context of Nepal, Imperial Law Associates is a renowned law firm reputed for its practice in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Our Services in Private Equity and Venture Capital extend from investment structuring and agreement drafting to compliance, due diligence, and legal advice when necessary. 

Private Equity and Venture Capital Due Diligence

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms because of their extensive investment plans need to conduct appropriate due diligence before investing. Our Company conducts holistic due diligence before your firm invests in any startups or companies. We also review the history of companies before investment while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance. We conduct due diligence for Intellectual Property as well.

Structuring of Investment

The Method of Structuring Investment is the major determinant of the success of any Private Equity or Venture Capital Firm. While structuring the Investment, the Firm must carefully consider its legal aspects, types of agreements, strategies for exiting the company, etc. Our Law Firm handles all the legal aspects of structuring of investment including the terms and conditions. We also develop relevant existing strategies for investors.

Taxation and Other Legal Filings

Our Firm offers tax planning services to minimize tax liabilities for these Companies. We also assist in filing tax returns and complying with local and international tax regulations. We also handle necessary legal filings including contracts, agreements, etc. Moreover, we assist in obtaining regulatory approvals and permits for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

Complete Legal Compliance

Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms have been regulated in Nepal as well as Internationally with multiple regulations and legal impediments. Our Law Firm complies with all regulations in Nepal including security compliance with SEBON and Labor Compliance of Labor Act. We also ensure that your Law Firm is anti-discriminatory based on Sex, Caste, etc.

Marketing Entry and Expansion

Identifying Markets, Assessing Market Potential, and adopting Market Entry Strategies are essential for any Equity and Capital Firm in Nepal. However, it involves a serious understanding of Nepalese Laws and Corporate Space. Here at Imperial Law Associates, we can guide your firm with a complete legal guide on Market Entry and Expansion in Nepal.

Venture Capital-Specific Advice

Venture Capital Firms and Investors need to specifically target startups and newly established companies. They must conduct concise due diligence before investing in promising startups. They also require advice on the best structure of an agreement and develop strategies for Capital Investment such as Acquisition, IPO, etc. Therefore, Our Law Firm provides complete Advisory Services for Venture Capital Firms and Investors in Nepal including drafting agreements, entry and exit planning, etc.

Shareholder and Technology Agreements

These Firms also necessitate the drafting of multiple agreements related to Licensing, disclosure, etc. Our Firm has seasoned veterans in Commercial Contract Drafting with specific agreement structures catered to Equity and Venture Capital Firms. First of all, we draft Shareholder Agreements which includes rights conferred to shareholder, provision of selling shares, etc. We also draft licensing and Intellectual Property related Agreements. Moreover, our Firm has expertise in drafting confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Associated Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Imperial Law Associates is a leading Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Firm for Private Equity and Venture Capital Law firms in Nepal. We represent our investors in resolving disputes through informal negotiation and formal mediation. We also handle contractual disputes arising from previous agreements. If Mediation fails, we also participate in Arbitration Proceedings upholding the interest of the firm. Finally, we have diligent advocates for Litigation in Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms.

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