Privacy and Data Protection Law

Privacy and Data Protection Laws include establishing Data Protection Policies through legal means, drafting data protection and privacy laws, and ensuring proper compliance with Established rules and regulations in Nepal. Our Law Firm, Imperial Law Associates provides a complete set of services in Privacy and Data Protection Laws of Nepal. 

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

Individual Privacy Laws and Regulations were promulgated in Nepal amidst increasing international privacy concerns. A Specific Data Protection Act doesn’t exist in Nepal but Privacy Laws consolidate the issues of Data Protection. Our Firm helps you ensure compliance with Privacy Regulations established in Nepal. We also conduct continuous legal assessments to ensure Privacy and Data Protection laws have been upheld in Nepal.

Data Protection Policies

Social Media Giants, Websites, and Search Engines must use several precautions while utilizing User Data. Several Data Protection measures exist in Nepal that require companies to adopt data protection policies. Our Firm ensures that your policies, terms and conditions, and privacy notices are set up according to Regulatory Requirements.

Compliance with GDPR and all International Regulations

General Data Protection Regulation also known as GDPR is the most strict international regulation of Data Privacy and Protection in the world which was passed by the European Union. Similarly, respective countries have developed their data protection regulation. Therefore, International Companies using data require a modern and experienced Law Firm that can ensure compliance with all International Regulations. Imperial Law Associates is a distinguished law firm that guarantees Compliance with GDPR and all other International Regulations.

Drafting All Forms of Data Protection Agreements

Agreements with Companies, Users, and entities are considered to be an integral aspect of Privacy and Data Protection Law. User Consent is necessary for Data Processing, transfer, and sharing. Our Law Firm drafts diligent agreements for data processing from users along with Cross Border Data Transfer and the privacy of employees working on Data Collection. We also draft Data Sharing Agreements with expediency and compliance.

Employee Data Protection and Privacy

Privacy and Data Protection extend as much to employees as it does to common users. Hence, our Firm prioritizes Employee Data Protection and Privacy for large companies with an extensive database. We draft specific Privacy Policy according to your needs. We also create consent forms for employee data if needed and draft terms and conditions of Employment Contracts accordingly.

Privacy Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Privacy and data-related Court Cases have been constantly rising Internationally as well as in Nepal. To defend your company against Privacy Violation claims and other privacy-related lawsuits, we are equipped with an experienced arsenal of corporate lawyers that adopt a Client-Centric Approach. We represent our clients in data breach cases, Privacy lawsuits, privacy violation cases, etc. We also offer mediation and arbitration services related to Privacy and Data Protection that are flexible, easy to conclude, result in a Win-Win Situation, and omit costly litigation.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Data Protection and Privacy Laws are heavily intertwined with Cyber Law and Cybersecurity. Our Firm manages the legal interplay between Cybersecurity and Data Protection and represents its clients in Cybersecurity compliance-related cases for either individuals or companies.

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