PAN Registration Process in Nepal (Updated)

This Article has covered the legislative basis for Permanent Account Number, the PAN Registration Process in Nepal along with the documents required for such Registration and the costs and fees associated with it. 

1. What are the Governing Laws for Permanent Account Number in Nepal? 

Income Tax Act 2058 has been the substantive Law that has provisioned for the issuance of an Identity Number called Permanent Account Number for the purposes of identifying a Unique Taxpayer. The Regulatory Authority may order any person to mention his/her permanent account number in any income return, statement, version or other document. 

2. What is PAN (Permanent Account Number) ?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number where it is the Official Identification Method used by the Inland Revenue Department for identification of Nepalese Taxpayers. PAN is generally required for Companies, Business, Government Employees etc. It has been made recently possible for obtaining a PAN Card through Online Means in Nepal, generally through the Online Portal of Inland Revenue Department and alternatively Nagarik App.

3. How can I register my PAN Number in Nepal?

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an essential identification document for individuals and businesses in Nepal for taxation purposes. The process of obtaining a PAN involves a series of steps facilitated by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD):

Step 1: Access the Tax Payer Portal

To initiate the PAN registration process, individuals are required to visit the official website of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Upon reaching the website, this portal serves as the gateway to various online services provided by the IRD. Thereafter, the Individual need to locate the Registration. This action reveals a range of registration-related options.

Step 2: Completing the Application for Registration

Thereafter, the Individual shall encounter a Comprehensive Registration Form where the details of the Applicant must be filled. Aspiring PAN holders must diligently fill in the requested information. In the ‘Verifying Offices’ section, individuals should select the IRD office nearest to their geographical location. Upon completion, a unique submission number will be generated.

Step 3: Filing PAN Application E-Form after Company Registration in Nepal

Once the Individual has the submission number, individuals must press the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the PAN application e-form. Additionally, applicants are required to upload a recent photograph along with the necessary supporting documents as specified in the form. After thorough completion, click on the ‘Save’ button. In case any amendments are necessary, users can log in using their registration details, including the username, password, and submission number. Following any edits, click ‘Submit’ and do not forget to generate a printout by clicking on the ‘Print’ button.

Step 4: Submitting Printed Application Form to IRD Office

With the printed copy of the submitted PAN application form in hand, applicants must visit the IRD office situated in their locality. At the IRD office, the submitted application will undergo thorough verification. Once verified, the IRD office will issue the PAN card. Alongside the application form, individuals should bring their citizenship certificate, two passport-size photos, and any other valid identification document for foreigners.

3. What are the Costs and Fees associated with PAN Registration?

The Registration of PAN Card in Nepal is a Free Process and the Government doesn’t demand fees.

4. What documents are required to make PAN in Nepal?

The Documents required for PAN Registration Process in Nepal are:

  1. PAN Application Form
  2. Certificate of Citizenship
  3. Passport-Sized Photos

For Foreigners, Identification Documents and additional relevant documents will be required.

5. Who is Eligible for PAN Card in Nepal?

Any Taxpayer including Nepalese and Foreign Citizens are eligible for PAN Card in Nepal.

6. Conclusion on PAN Registration in Nepal 

The Income Tax Act 2058 serves as the substantive law for PAN issuance, empowering the Regulatory Authority to mandate its inclusion in various financial documents. PAN, essential for taxpayers, is now obtainable online through the Inland Revenue Department’s portal or Nagarik App. The registration process involves accessing the taxpayer portal, completing a comprehensive registration form, filing an e-form, and submitting the printed application, along with required documents, to the IRD office. The PAN registration process in Nepal is free, applicable to both Nepalese and foreign citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of the Latest Information Available, no PAN Registration Fee exists in Nepal and it is Free. 

Yes, one can apply for PAN Card Online through the Online Portal of Nepal Trade Information Portal:

The Procedure for PAN/TAX Registration System in Nepal are: 

  1. Go to the Online Portal 
  2. Complete the Application for Registration 
  3. File PAN Application E-Form 
  4. Submitting Printed Application Form 
  5. Issuance of Certificate

Yes, it is mandatory for Business Owners through the Inland Revenue Office IRO to ensure transparent Financial and Tax Activities. 

The Process of Registering a Business PAN Number in Nepal is submitting an application to the Office. 

In average, it takes a few hours to 2 Days to obtain Personal Account Number PAN in Nepal. 

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