Minimum Wage in Nepal 2080: Updated Minimum Salary in Nepal

According to the Recent Notification in the Nepal Gazette, the Minimum Wage in Nepal has been updated to NPR 17,300/- which consisted of Minimum Basic Renumeration along with a Dearness Allowance. However, the Fundamental Monthly Renumeration has been provided to being NPR 10,820/- whereas the Monthly Dearness Allowance as being fixed to NPR 6,480/-. Therefore, the Minimum Wage for Workers as of 2080 B.S. is required to be  at least Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred. 

Monthly Minimum Salary in Nepal

In terms of monthly wages, the minimum wage stands at NPR 8,934 along with a basic remuneration of NPR 4,959 along with a dearness allowance, resulting in a total monthly income of NPR 13,893.

Daily Minimum Wage in Nepal

For daily wage earners, the minimum wage amounts to NPR 418. This is composed of a basic remuneration of NPR 250 and a dearness allowance of NPR 668.

Hourly Minimum Wage

When it comes to hourly wages, Workers are required to receive a minimum of NPR 56 per hour. This hourly rate comprises a basic remuneration of NPR 33 along with a dearness allowance of NPR 89.

Hourly Part-Time Wage

For part-time workers paid on an hourly basis, the exact minimum wage is not specified. However, they receive a dearness allowance of NPR 95 per hour, indicating that their basic remuneration is accounted for separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Latest Notification, NPR 17,300/- is the Minimum Wage in Nepal for 2024 A.D. and 2080 B.S.

The Hourly Minimum Wage in Nepal is NPR 89 per Hour out of which NPR 56 is minimum allowance and NPR 33 is Dearness Allowance. 

For Workers, the Minimum Wage has been fixed at the Standard Amount through the Notification. However, for Tea Estate Workers, the Minimum Wage has been decreased. 

The Precise Date on the Average Salary of Nepal hasn’t been confirmed although the Minimum Wage has been fixed by the Government. 

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