Minimum amount for foreign investment in Nepal

20 June 2019

Minimum amount for foreign investment In Nepal and Investment Company Listed as Industry

On 29th of May 2019 ( Jestha 15 of 2076), Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies of Government Of Nepal published a notice related to (a) minimum amount of investment for the foreign investor and (b) investment company being classified  under the classification of industry, in Gazette.

Minimum amount of investment

The Government of Nepal has decided the minimum foreign investment amount that need to be invested by the foreign investor in Nepal. The minimum amount should be Nepalese Rupees 50 Million (5 Crore) per investor.

Investment company enlisted as industry

Investment Company was listed as  industry in Industrial Enterprise Act 1992 (2049) but new Industrial Enterprise Act 2016 (2073) missed to list Investment Company under the industry category. To address the issue Government of Nepal has amended the Schedule 8 of Industrial Enterprise Act 2016 (2073) and listed Investment Company under the industry category.

This amendment has permitted foreign investor to open the Investment Company in Nepal.

The Gazette has been attached in the article here: विदेशी-लगानीकर्तालार्इ-५-करोड-तोकेको-र-ओद्योगिक-व्यवसाय-ऐनमा-क्रमस_ख्या-५५-थप.pdf”>विदेशी लगानीकर्तालार्इ ५ करोड तोकेको र ओद्योगिक व्यवसाय ऐनमा क्रमस_ख्या ५५ थप

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