Merger and Acquisitions

Imperial Law Associates proudly stands as a Leading Corporate Law Firm in Nepal with an outstanding reputation for providing expert legal services for Mergers and Acquisitions. Our dedication and commitment to excellence, top-quality service to high-profile clients, and exceptional success rate in litigation have solidified our position as a leading full-service corporate law firm in Nepal. With our extensive portfolio, we provide comprehensive services associated with Mergers and Acquisitions such as Negotiation of Deals and Agreements, Legal Advisory, Corporate Restructuring, and much more with efficiency and expediency.

Negotiation of Deals and Agreements

At Imperial, we pride ourselves on providing client-tailored drafting and Negotiation of Deals and Agreements during the proposal process of either Merger or Acquisition in Nepal. We provide Legal counsel on Deal Structuring and negotiate terms and conditions keeping the interest of the client at the top of the priority list. We also draft a Letter of Intent, conduct comprehensive due diligence, and evaluate the deal based on relevant metrics.

Merger and Acquisition Legal Advisor

Our Seasoned Team of Experts provides services as Legal Advisor to your company to meticulously guide our clients through the Merger and Acquisition process in Nepal. As Legal Advisors, we conduct rigorous Legal Due Diligence and ensure compliance with Nepalese Regulatory frameworks. We also draft and review all relevant legal documents and comply with your company’s anti-trust and competition Laws while acting as Legal Advisors.

Corporate Restructuring

Imperial Law Associates has extended its services to Corporate Restructuring during Mergers and Acquisitions in Nepal. We also develop perfect legal integration plans during M&A and manage corporate transactions that occurred before the Merger. We smoothly operate our operations entirely covering the extensive process of Corporate Restructuring.

Structuring of Deals and Agreements

An intricate process during the process of Mergers and Acquisitions is the structuring of Deals and Agreements requiring expert legal advice and a wide array of negotiating Manpower. Imperial Law Associates has strengthened and well-prepared Corporate Lawyers who can structure, draft, and revise deals and agreements promoting the Clients’ optimal interest. Our extensive experience lies in structuring cross-border M&A deals in Nepal and multiple National M&A Deals.

Regulatory Compliance for Transaction

Nepalese Laws have been heavily regulated in the Corporate Sector by Governing Authorities and relevant compliance Laws. Our Team of Legal Professionals conducts in-depth regulatory due diligence and navigates government approvals and permits for the smooth operation of Nepal’s Merger and Acquisition Process.

Corporate Governance

Our Expertise also extends to Legal Matters associated with Corporate Governance such as audits, fact checks, legal background checks, board and shareholder relations, and much more. We also prepare and conduct required Corporate Filings as a part of Corporate Governance with transparency and accountability and ensure the approval of M&A Transactions.

Securities Law Compliance

Nepal’s Stock Regulatory Authority (NEPSE) has specific Filing Requirements for Merged and Acquired Companies to reappear in Stock Exchanges again. Imperial Law Associates supports Public Companies to achieve compliance with the regulations established by NEPSE.

Taxation and Related Due Diligence

Pending Taxes and Projected Taxation primarily impact Merger and Acquisition Transactions/Deals. Our Firm can conduct relevant Due Diligence, Assessment, and Audits handling the legal aspects of future Taxation with committed post-acquisition tax planning and development of tax-efficient structures tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Resolving Disputes and Related Issues

Our Firm has a team of renowned Corporate Lawyers who offer committed and distinguished Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation Services in Nepal for post-merger and Acquisitions disagreements and disputes. We represent clients in Breach of Contract Claims and enforce prescribed remedies by Nepalese Courts.

Advise on Sales and Purchase Agreements

Imperial Law Associates’ services as Legal Advisory on Sales and Purchase Agreements include Contract Review and Negotiation, Due Diligence, Legal Compliance, Contract Re-Drafting, Restructuring of Deals, and much more

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