Media and Entertainment Law

Media and Entertainment Laws are highly regulated in Nepal and difficult to navigate. Therefore, Imperial Law Associates provides Premium Legal Services on Media and Entertainment Law spanning from the Registration of Media Houses and Companies to complying with National Rules and much more. We also offer Highly Prestigious Media and Entertainment Lawyers with a wide reputation nationally and internationally along with an extensive portfolio of serving Media and Entertainment Houses and Companies. 

Registration of Media Houses and Companies

Registration of Media Houses and Companies in Nepal is a challenging process requiring Corporate Lawyers. Our Law Firm, Imperial Law Associates, has a plethora of experience in registering media houses in Nepal. We assist in the formation of media houses and companies. Meanwhile, we ensure all necessary licenses and permits such as Broadcasting Licenses and Trademark Registrations.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Media and Entertainment Companies are often subject to infringement of Intellectual Property. Imperial Law Associates conducts Intellectual Property Investigative Services to help Media Companies protect their original works such as Music, Films, Artworks, etc. We are experts at registering and protecting Trademarks while engaging in effective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

Licensing and Royalties

Licensing and Royalties is one of the strongest sources of Revenue for any Media Company. To successfully enforce Agreements and Collections, a dedicated law firm is required. Imperial Law Associates drafts and negotiates licensing Agreements for Media Content, Merchandise, etc. We also create effective Royalty Agreements for Fair Compensation. We also handle the complete collection and management of Royalties.  

Drafting Media and Entertainment Law Contract

We draft a wide range of contracts for the media and entertainment industry. Our Team of Seasoned Corporate Lawyers has drafted talent contracts, distribution agreements, and contracts related to movies and music production. We also review contracts, negotiate contracts on our client’s behalf, and maintain fair and favorable agreements.

Licensing and Royalties Agreement

Agreements, related to Licensing and Royalties are technical, confusing, and often exhausting. It requires talented and passionate Lawyers with the ability to draft Music Licensing Agreements, Content Licensing, and Royalty Distribution. Our Services extend to drafting agreements for music in the use of songs, advertisements, etc. while licensing audiovisual content with proper rights and permission.

Privacy and Publicity Rights

Actors, Media Houses, and the Entertainment industry as a whole are often subject to criticism, defamation, and other legal violations such as Privacy Laws. Keeping such an issue in sight, our firm guarantees publicity rights for the use of celebrity names, images, etc. We also involve ourselves in defamation cases related to our clients.

Cases related to Defamation and Libel

Defamation, Libel, and other Lawsuits are regular in this Industry. We represent clients facing defamation claims or filing lawsuits against potential defamers. We also handle libel cases with written or printed defamatory statements in Newspapers, Books, etc. In short, our Firm comprehensively handles defamation and libel cases.

Content Regulation Compliance

Media and Entertainment Laws have strict censorship and compliance laws that bring complications for relevant companies. To ensure proper compliance with Nepalese Rules and Regulations, our Firm coordinates with regulatory bodies and authorities on behalf of our client. We also conduct regular compliance edits and provide expert legal advice on censorship.

Contract Disputes

Because of the dynamism of the Media and Entertainment Industries, disputes related to contracts, licenses, and agreements are persistent. To handle such disputes, we advise passionate, young, energetic, and experienced lawyers to handle such cases effectively while they recognize modern Practices. Our Dispute Resolution practice has wide practices for Talent and Agency Disputes representing talent, agency, and management companies. We handle production disputes while resolving distribution disputes over revenue sharing and ownership of Rights.

Film and TV Legal Advisor

Imperial Law Associates have extensive experience in acting as Legal Advisor for large-budget Movies, TV Productions, etc. We diligently draft and negotiate quality and legally sound talent contracts. We negotiate licensing agreements for content distribution and provide a holistic service as a part of its advisory body.

Entertainment Taxation

Entertainment Law has prescribed a specific model of Taxation for these Companies. As Filing and Planning Taxation is confusing and complicated, it has often resulted in penalties in Nepal. However, Our Firm acts as a guardian for our client’s companies by complying with the Nepalese Corporation Taxation and Income Taxation System.

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