Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal

1. What is the System of Marriage in Nepal?

Marriage is deemed to be concluded when a man and a woman accept each other as husband and wife through any occasion, ceremony, formal, or other acts. Marriage is considered a permanent, inviolable, and holy social and legal bond based on free consent, established to start conjugal and family life between a man and a woman.

Marriage may be concluded between a man and a woman if they agree to accept each other as husband and wife, are not relatives punishable by law on incest, do not have an existing matrimonial relationship, and both parties have attained twenty years of age.

Both husband and wife are required to register their marriage by filing an application with the specified authority. Re-marriage is permitted in certain circumstances, such as termination of the matrimonial relationship, death of a spouse, or separation upon partition according to law.

2. What is the Process for Marriage Registration in Nepal?

The Process of Marriage Registration in Nepal are:

2.1 Meeting the Eligibility Criteria

Before proceeding with your application for Marriage Registration, it’s essential to ensure that both partners meet the outlined eligibility requirements. Failure to fulfill these criteria will lead to the rejection of your application. Thus, meeting the specified eligibility standards is crucial for a successful Court Marriage.

2.2 Application Submission

To commence the Marriage Registration process, you must first submit the Marriage Registration application form to either your Local Ward Office or the designated Marriage Registration Officer. The processing time, from submission to the completion of the Marriage, is approximately two weeks, so it’s advisable to plan your schedule accordingly.

2.3 Residence Verification

Please be aware that the application cannot be submitted to any Ward Office or Marriage Registration Officer unless one of the partners has resided within the jurisdiction of the Marriage Registration Office or Local Ward Office for at least 15 days.

2.4 Decision and Consent Deed

Once the application and required documents are submitted, and the eligibility criteria are met, the District Court will make a decision regarding the validity of the Marriage within a week. During the Marriage ceremony, three witnesses must sign a declaration deed along with the Marriage Registration Officer.

2.5 Issuance of Marriage Certificate

Upon approval of the Marriage and completion of all necessary procedures, a Marriage Certificate indicating the successful completion of Marriage Registration will be issued. The Certificate of Marriage will be provided to the couple within seven days after review by the Judge.

3. How long does Marriage Registration take in Nepal?

It takes Two Days for the completion of Marriage Registration in Nepal. For Foreigners, it is necessary to stay in Nepal for 15 Days.

4. What is the Fee for Marriage Registration in Nepal?

The Court takes the Fees of Rs. 500/- Additionally, Legal Fees are also to be Paid.

5. What are the Documents Required for Marriage Registration in Nepal?

The Documents Required for Marriage Registration in Nepal are:

  • Correctly filled Application Form (1 set original)
  • Passport size photos of the couple (10 pieces)
  • Photocopies of citizenship certificates (1 set)
  • Letter from the ward office confirming the marital status of both partners (1 set original)
  • No objection letter from the relevant government authority or embassy for foreigners (1 copy)

These documents must be submitted to the District Court.

6. Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates consists of Top-Notch Marriage Registration Lawyers in Nepal with completion of Court Marriage within 2-3 Days. Our team at Imperial Law Associates offers comprehensive assistance for marriage registration in Nepal. We ensure a seamless process by completing court marriage procedures swiftly within 2-3 days.

6.1 Application of Marriage Registration

We handle the Application Procedure for Marriage Registration and ensure all required documentation is accurately prepared and submitted to the relevant authorities.

6.2 A No Objection Letter from Embassy

Our experienced team assists in obtaining the essential No Objection Letter from the embassy and facilitate the smooth progression of the marriage registration process.

6.3 Drafting Necessary Documents

We meticulously draft all necessary legal documents with precision and attention to detail. We also comply with Relevant Laws and Regulations.

6.4 Court Marriage Representation

Our skilled lawyers provide expert representation during court marriage proceedings. We also guide for clients throughout the Process with professionalism and expertise.

6.5 Immigration and Obtaining Citizenship

Our team provides expert guidance and assistance with immigration processes, including obtaining citizenship.

6.6 NRN Marriage

We specialize in facilitating marriage procedures for Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) and guarantee coordination with International Legal Requirements.

7. Conclusion

Imperial Law Associates has leading Marriage Registration Lawyers in Nepal where we can facilitate the entire marriage registration process along with expediting proceedings, including drafting necessary documents, representation during court proceedings, assistance with immigration and citizenship matters, and specialized services for Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs). The Procedure of Registration are meeting eligibility criteria, submitting the application form, verifying residence within the jurisdiction, obtaining consent from the District Court, and completing a declaration deed during the ceremony with three witnesses. Once approved, a marriage certificate is issued within seven days.

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