Court Marriage in Nepal : Marriage Registration in Nepal (2081)

This article describes the information related to different options of Court Marriage in Nepal for Nepali Citizens and for Court Marriage in Nepal for Foreigners.

The registration of marriage is governed by the Chapter of Marriage of Civil Code 2017 (2074). Civil Code incorporates marriage-related provisions from number 67 to number 84.

Marriage Registration in Nepal is a general process that can be fulfilled for both a Nepali Citizen and a Foreigner by completing specific procedures. In other Words, Marrying a Foreigner and receiving a Marriage Certificate is allowed. 

If you are having problems conducting Registration of Marriage, you need to follow the steps below or get legal assistance. 

Nepali Citizens living abroad, as well as Foreign Citizens, can register a Marriage in Nepal.

1. What are the procedure of Marriage Registration?

Marriage Registration can be done through  three methods as mentioned:

  1. Marriage registration through court (“Court Marriage”)
  2. Marriage registration of couple who has already married through a social/religious rituals (“Receiving the Court Marriage Certificate in Nepal Through Ward Office ”)
  3. Marriage Registration through Embassy or Consulate Office

2. Is it compulsory to register the marriage in Nepal ?

As per the Number 73 of  Chapter of Marriage of Civil Code marriage should be compulsory registered either before court or before the concerned authority ( i.e. ward office or at Embassy of Nepal/Consulate Office). 

The authority should provide the marriage registration certificate within 15 days of submission of the application.

3. What is the eligibility and minimum age of marriage in Nepal.

For the completion of marriage registration, some requirements must be fulfilled by the couple that wants to be married. If this Eligibility isn’t fulfilled, the procedure of marriage cannot be completed. The Eligibility Criteria for Registration of Marriage in Nepal are:

4. What are the requirements for Foreign Citizens to register a Court Marriage in Nepal ?

If you are a Foreign Citizen intending for Marriage in Nepal Registration, it is actually possible. These Documents complete Foreign Marriage Registration in Nepal: 

1. A No-Objection Letter from the respective Embassy or Consulate in Nepal

2. Translated Notarized Copy of the Marriage Law of the Foreign Country in Nepali Language

3. A Minimum of 15 Days’ Proof of Residence in Nepal from the concerned local level Ward Office. 

4. Copy of Passport with Visa

5. Can marriage be registered at Embassy of Nepal in Foreign Countries ?

According to Section 76 (2) of Muluki Civil Code, 2074, husband and wife residing in Foreign Countries can give application for Marriage Registration to the Nepal’s Embassy or Consulate General. 

6. What are the required documents for court marriage in Nepal ?

Court marriage is applicable for the couple who has not traditionally married and intending to get married in legal way. Following are the list of required documents for court marriage in Nepal. 

1Application of Marriage Registration1 Set Original
2Passport Size Photo 4 Pieces of Each
3Photocopy of Citizenship1 Set
4Letter from the Ward Office of Female and Male stating that the male and female are either unmarried or divorcee1 Set Original
5For Foreigners who want to marry in Nepal, a No objection Letter provided by the  Concerned Embassy or Consulate in Nepal1 Copy


If the person is concluding marriage from another district other than of his permanent address, minimum of 15 days’ temporary residence letter from the concerned local level ward office

1 Set Original

7. How can we get marriage certificate of traditional marriage in Nepal?

Husband and wife residing in Nepal can apply and get their Marriage Certificate from the local level Ward Office. According to law, Nepali Citizens that are residing in a Foreign Country, can apply for Marriage registration at Embassy of Nepal or the Consulate Office. Furthermore, for Nepalese Citizens, the law has established a Compulsion to register the Marriage within a limited Period. 

8. What is the Process of Marriage Registration in Nepal?

For the Registration Marriage or Court Marriage, a specific process must be followed pursuant to National Civil Code. Here are the steps you can follow to complete the Procedure: 

Fulfill The Eligibility Criteria

The above-stated Eligibility Criteria for Marriage must be fulfilled by the Couple in order to begin submitting the Application for Marriage Registration.

The application, which will be reviewed, will be rejected. Hence, ensure that you meet the above state eligibility criteria for Court Marriage.

Submission of Application

First of all, you need to initiate the Process of Marriage Registration. For this, you must submit the application form for Marriage Registration to the Local Ward Office of your residence or to the Marriage Registration Officer.

It takes about two weeks to complete the Marriage from the submission of the Application. So, manage your time accordingly.

Verification of Residence

However, the Application cannot be presented to any Ward Office or Marriage Registration Officer. Either the Man or the Woman must have resided within the Marriage Registration Office or the Local Ward Office for more than 15 Days. 

Submit The Required Documents

We have provided a list of the required documents with the number of copies required for the Registration of Marriage in Nepal.

In General, the documents required are: Correctly filled Application Form according to the prescribed Format, Citizenship Certificate of the Couple, Citizenship Certificate of Witnesses, Recommendation Letters, and Passport Size Photos. It must be submitted to the District Court. 

S. No.DocumentsNumber of copies
1Application of registration1 set original
2Passport size photo of couple10 pieces
3Photocopy of citizenship1 set
4Letter from the ward office of female and male stating the male and female are either unmarried or divorceeI set original
5No objection letter provided by the government authorty of foreign country or Concerned Embassy in Nepal that the foreigner is unmarried or divorcee. Requirement for foreigner)1 copy

Decision and The Deed of Consent

After you have submitted the Application with the required documents and fulfilled the Eligibility Criteria, a decision will be made by the pursuant authority within a week on whether the Marriage is valid or not by the District Court. 

During the Marriage, three witnesses must sign a deed of declaration with the signature of the Marriage Registration Officer.

Issuance of Marriage Certificate

After the Marriage has been approved and all the above procedures have been completed, a Certificate of Marriage hinting at the Completion of Marriage Registration shall be provided to you.

Within Seven Days, a Certificate of Marriage shall be provided to the Couple after the relevant review by the Judge.

4. What is the procedure of receiving the marriage certificate through ward office?

Those couple who have married through the specific social/religious rituals should also compulsory register there marriage for the legal validity. For the said purpose they need to submit the application at ward office of their permanent resident. They should submit the evidence related to marriage done through the religious rituals.

5. Marriage Registration through Embassy or Consulate Office:

Pursuant to Number 76 and 77 of the Chapter of Marriage of Civil Code people residing at foreign can register the court marriage before the Embassy of Nepal or Consulate Office located at foreign country. Though the law has provided the marriage registration from the Embassy or Consulate Office however in practice there are no such instance of registration through the Embassy or Consulate Office.


Marriage Registration in Nepal is possible for all citizens of Nepal as well as Nepali Citizens residing abroad, and Foreign Citizens desiring to marry from Nepal. An Application Form with the correct application must be submitted to the Marriage Registration Officer.

After that, the Officer and Judge shall review the application, either accept or reject it, after which the Certificate of Marriage will be provided if the application is accepted. However, you need witnesses, and deed of consent, and relevant documents to complete the process of Marriage Registration in Nepal. One needs to choose relevant Marriage Registration Services through Law Firms or Independent Businesses for a successful Court Marriage. 

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication, solicitation or inducement of any sort from the firm or any of its members. The firm shall not be liable for consequences arising out of any action undertaken by any person relying on the information provided herein.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Procedure to Register Marriage in Nepal are as follows: 

  1. Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria for Marriage Registration 
  2. Submit an Application to the District Court 
  3. Verify Residence for 15 Days
  4. Submit the Deed of Consent with Required Documents 
  5. Issuance of Marriage Certificate after Examination by Judge

It isn’t Possible to Register Marriage Online in Nepal. However, one can get consultation for Marriage Registration with Law Firms and consequently complete the Required Procedural Tasks Online. 

The Fee for Marriage Certificate in Nepal as of the Latest Laws is NRS 500. 

The Cost of Court Marriage in Nepal can be calculated by the Government Fees and the Legal Fees. The Government Fee is NRS 500 but the Legal Fees varies. 

The Requirements for Court Marriage are: 

  1. Both individuals must be Unmarried and above 20 years of Age 
  2. Submission of Application, Deed of Consent and Required Documents 
  3. A Minimum of 15 Days Proof of Residence in Nepal 

The Time required to get Marriage Certificate in Nepal varies from 2 Days to 7 Days. For a Foreigner, it can take from 18 Days to a Month to complete the whole Process. 

A Lawyer is suggested for the completion of Court Marriage in Nepal for notarization of Documents, complete drafting service and legal aid. 

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