Marriage Lawyer in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates, an internationally recognized law firm, consists of leading Marriage Lawyer in Nepal. The firm is equipped with 10+ marriage lawyers and experts for registering court marriages in Nepal.

Our lawyers have registered multiple marriages for non-resident Nepalis, visa-applying Nepali citizens, regular Nepali citizens desiring court marriage, and international citizens marrying Nepali citizens. The firm has broad experience in marriage law, family law, etc.

1.1. Best Marriage Lawyer in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates is the best marriage registration law firm in Nepal, with the most effective marriage registration lawyers that can conduct and complete court marriage within 2–3 days in favorable circumstances. We provide comprehensive marriage registration services in Nepal.

1.2. Step-by-Step Guide to Court Marriage Registration in Nepal

Step 1: Eligibility Criteria for Court Marriage

To start the court marriage registration process, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the Muluki Civil Code, 2074.

Step 2: Application Process for Marriage Registration

Fill out the marriage registration application form and submit it to your local ward office or marriage registration officer.

Step 3: Verification of the Residence Requirement

One partner must have resided in the jurisdiction of the ward office or marriage registration office for at least 15 days.

Step 4: Documentation Needed for Marriage Registration

Gather and submit the required documents, including a correctly filled-out application form, citizenship certificates of the couple and witnesses, recommendation letters, and passport-sized photos.

Step 5: Signing of the Declaration Deed and Witness Requirement

After submitting the application and documents, await a decision from the district court regarding the validity of the marriage. During the ceremony, three witnesses must sign a declaration deed along with the marriage registration officer.

Step 6: Issuance of a Marriage Certificate by the Judge

Once the marriage is approved, you’ll receive a marriage certificate confirming the registration within seven days of review by the judge.

1.3. Our Experience, Practice and Services in Marriage Registration

We provide the following services as the best marriage registration law firm in Nepal:

1.3.1. Marriage Registration Application Services:

Our firm manages the application process for marriage registration by submitting all necessary documents to the appropriate authorities.

1.3.2. Embassy No Objection Letter Assistance:

Our experienced team assists in obtaining the crucial No Objection Letter from the embassy.

1.3.3. Legal Document Drafting:

We draft all required legal documents as per relevant laws and regulations with precision and attention to detail.

1.3.4. Court Marriage Representation:

Our skilled lawyers offer expert representation during court marriage proceedings.

1.3.5. Immigration and citizenship support

We provide guidance and assistance with immigration processes for obtaining naturalized citizenship for foreign spouses.

1.3.6. Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Marriage Services

The firm also assists non-resident Nepalis with marriage registration.


Imperial Law Associates, with over 10 marriage experts and lawyers, specializes in marriage registration, including court marriage in Nepal. The firm has provided court marriage services for clients including non-resident Nepalis, visa applicants, and international citizens marrying Nepalis. The firm is also involved in guiding clients through the eligibility criteria, application process, residence verification, document preparation, court procedures, and issuance of marriage certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Court marriage in Nepal is a legal process where a couple gets married under the jurisdiction of a court.

To obtain a marriage certificate in Nepal, you must register your marriage with the local municipal office and submit required documents.

Online marriage registration in Nepal isn’t possible although the legal process can be kept in motion online to fast-forward the registration process.  

The court marriage process in Nepal requires submitting necessary documents, attending a court hearing, and obtaining judicial approval for the marriage.

You could check your marriage certificate online in Nepal by accessing the relevant section of the official government website and entering required details. It isn’t possible to date. 


In Nepal, the legal age for marriage is 20 years for both men and women, ensuring compliance with national law.

Documents required for a marriage certificate in Nepal include identification, birth certificates, citizenship proofs, and witness statements from both parties.

For court marriage in Nepal, you must visit the District Court, where the marriage will be registered and legalized.

The marriage registration form online in Kathmandu is a digital document available on the municipal office’s website for registering marriages electronically.

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