Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation Lawyer in Nepal are involved in legal processes and strategies employed to manage and resolve conflicts, disputes, and legal issues in the context of Business and Corporate Sectors. It is connected with a wide range of legal procedures, techniques, and operations to guarantee a favorable outcome for our clients.

Imperial Law Associates is a Premier Corporate Law Firm in Nepal that provides comprehensive legal services related to Litigation and Dispute Resolution . We specialize in delivering front-to-end Legal Services to our clients from the Drafting of Complaints to the enforcement of the Judgement. We also boast an impressive arsenal of Advocates Licensed by Nepal Bar Council. 

Imperial Law Associates offers the following services and facilities in Litigation and Dispute Resolution to its client

Drafting of Complaints

Imperial Law Associates conducts a thorough analysis of the legal dispute and identifies key issues and facts to file a complaint representing our clients. We are speedy, efficient, and steadfast in drafting complaints.

Our Law Firm in Nepal conducts in-depth research and establishes persuasive legal arguments in the complaint to Judges and Arbitrators.

Holistic Services as Litigation Lawyer in Nepal

 ILA provides Holistic Services for Corporate Litigation and Dispute Resolution. We construct a custom-tailored comprehensive strategy specific to our clients by considering potential challenges and outcomes. We conduct risk assessment strategies and explore Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that can be efficient and cost-effective.

Complete Documentation

Law Firms in Nepal handling Litigation and Dispute Resolution must assemble evidence and systematically organize documents. Our Experienced Lawyers in Nepal have expertise in complete document collection, gathering, and organization of Evidence to support the case as well as filing of documents as per the Deadlines. We also prepare Expert Testimony wherever needed and ensure your best representation in the Court or ADR. 

Pleading in Courts and Tribunals

Imperial Law Associates boasts an impressive unity of experienced advocates who present legal arguments clearly and concisely. We also draft and file motions for specific court orders and excel in the cross-examination of Witnesses.

Moreover, we hold a combined decades of experience in Advocacy and are renowned for improving your Position in the Trial.

Our Skilled Advocates also present your case by covering Legal and Factual aspects by using established legal principles and a well-rounded defense of our client’s Position

Representation in All Types of Courts

Our fame and reputation in the Corporate Sector of Nepal have resulted In representation in various courts including district Courts, high courts, the Supreme Court as well and Specialized Tribunals.

We use an adaptive approach to Advocacy that is tailored to the Court’s procedure and requirements. Moreover, we swiftly handle Multi-Jurisdictional Cases with the best representation possible

Strategic Representation

Corporate Litigation Lawyers in Nepal strategize to avoid Litigation because of its lengthy Procedures, high monetary loss, and reputational damages. Therefore, the Law Firm of your choice must guarantee a strategic reputation while opting for Negotiations and Settlements as well as Risk-Reward Analysis.


Imperial Law Associates continues to contact and connect with its clients during the Post-Trial or Post-Judgement Phase and pursues enforcement decisions. We design strategies to enforce judgments while employing active legal mechanisms. We are also adept in handling International Enforcement cases and monitoring breaches in the Judgement.

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