Legal Metrology

Imperial Law Associates has specialized expertise in legal metrology in Nepal. In various industry sectors such manufacturing, FMCG and trading, prudent adherence to legal metrology requirement is non-negotiable.

As a specialized practice area, legal metrology ensures precision, accuracy and overall consumer protection via standard measurement, weights and commerce practices.

At Imperial Law Associates, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive legal solutions within the field of Legal Metrology. Our team of experienced professionals combines legal acumen with a profound understanding of the technical intricacies integral to measurements and weights.

Basics of Legal Metrology

Legal metrology deals with the science and application of measurement and weighting systems for various products and consumer goods. 

Legal metrology encompasses a broad range of activities including calibration of measurement instruments, verifying quantity of consumer goods and packaging and labeling formalities. 

Most importantly, legal metrology seeks to create reliable standards for measurements and weights to foster ethical and consumer friendly commerce.

Regulatory Compliance

We help our clients to navigate through intricate maze of legal metrology standards and provide guidance on adhering to all legal requirements including compliance requirements of Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology and other regulatory authorities along with its Due Diligence. 

Instrument Calibration

Our team of expert legal professionals guide our clients in calibrating their instruments to ensure the regulatory standards in Nepal.

Verification of Packaged Goods

We provide expert advisory and representative assistance in matters relating to the verification and labeling of packaged goods to ensure consumer satisfaction and full legal compliance. It is regulated by Standard Measurement (Sealed Packages) Rules 2076

Dispute Resolution and Representation

We offer expert advice and representation in cases related to measurement and legal metrology non-compliance. Our team of expert litigators provides advocacy and representation for effective dispute resolution for legal metrology matters. 

Comprehensive Legal Advisory

We provide accurate legal solutions and advisory pertaining to legal metrology empowering our clients to ensure legal compliance and informed decision making.

Reliable Partnership

Our team’s deep knowledge of legal and technical aspects enables us to provide legal metrology solutions on a client-specific basis. Imperial Law Associates can be your reliable partner for proper guidance and representation for all business endeavors relating to legal metrology.


We understand the important role that legal metrology plays in all business sectors. Our expertise in compliance and consumer friendly approach allows us to become a trusted advisor for businesses and individuals requiring assistance for legal metrology laws in Nepal.

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