Legal Due Diligence

Imperial Law Associates, a leading Corporate Law Firm in Nepal with holistic services dedicated to excellence and commitment provides expedient Legal Due Diligence Services in Nepal. Our Team of dedicated Corporate Law Experts conducts Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, and other forms of Diligence catered to meet your corporate needs. We house impressive Due Diligence Lawyers in Nepal for Due Diligence Audits and Financial cum Legal Due Diligence. 

Identification of Legality of Transaction and Deals

Here at Imperial, our team of seasoned experts identifies the legality of our clients’ Transactions and Deals while assessing their potential setbacks and legal drawbacks. We conduct a thorough examination of your business deals and offer efficient guidance on the precise steps required to be initiated to make comprehensive legal decisions.

Financial and Technical Due Diligence

Financial and Technical Due Diligence is warranted by the investigative analysis of the company from a third eye perspective. Imperial Law Associates has a pervasive assemblage of experience associated with Technical and Financial Due Diligence in Nepal. We review our client’s financial statements and technical specifications and investigate its compliance with Nepalese Rules and regulations.

Coordination with Professionals

Due Diligence is a multi-dimensional and multi-professional responsibility requiring coordination with Businesses, CA’s, and other Technicians. Our Firm genuinely recognizes the exigencies of having confidential Due Diligence while guaranteeing smooth coordination with associated Professionals.

Real Estate Due Diligence

Imperial Law Associates is a Due Diligence law firm in Nepal that conducts Real Estate Due Diligence with thorough investigation, comprehensive review, and assessment of Property Sales. We operate through Property Transfer and Ownership, Land use regulations, and Land maps as well as Environmental requirements and loans. We also offer highly reliable legal advice and legal solutions to resolve legal issues surrounding the real estate market of Nepal.

IP Due Diligence

Our Firm specializes in evaluating the intellectual property assets of our clients such as patents, Copyrights, and trademarks, and working tremendously to ensure their efficient security and Protection. Our legal experts have experience with Intellectual Property Ownership, Validity, and Copyright and Patent Infringement issues. We also conduct Due Diligence suited to your corporate needs while ensuring compliance with Nepalese Intellectual Property Laws.

Employment and Labor Law Due Diligence

Our Comprehensive customer Due Diligence at Imperial Law Associates also extends to Employment and Labor Law. We are seasoned connoisseurs in reviewing employment contracts, labor agreements, and relevant compliance with the evolving Labor Laws of Nepal. Contracts drafted by us have been rooted in Nepalese Laws with its elements consisting of minute miniature details such as Minimum Wage, Hour of Labor, and other regulations, ensuring Legal immunity from Labor Laws to our clients.

Regulatory Compliance

 Because of the expansive nature of Nepalese Corporations, Industry Specific Laws and regulations have been ratified in Nepal. To prevent any form of Legal repercussions, Imperial Law Associates identifies gaps and loopholes in its clients’ compliance policies and immensely regulates them to adjust its trajectory with National Laws. After establishing Compliance, our Firm extends compliance monitoring and reporting.

Contract Review

Imperial Law Associates as a part of its Due Diligence Services executes Contract Reviews by critiquing and scrutinizing contracts and agreements of our clients. Our Diligent Experts review contracts, assess loopholes, revise contracts, and consequently provide decisions on Contract Renegotiation or termination if deemed necessary.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and evaluation of Corporate Structure as a part of the Nepalese Company Act is a part of due diligence in Nepal. Our Firm assesses the legality of our client’s Corporate Structure, internal policies, and salary compliance and recommends newfound Legal drawbacks, if any.

Due Diligence Reports

Imperial Law Associates provides detailed reports of Due Diligence tailored to the specific needs of our clients after Due Diligence Audits in Nepal. Our Due Diligence Reports combine all findings and assess the legal hurdles faced by our clients with transparency and accountability.

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