Law Reform Project

Introduction to Law Reform

Law Reform Projects are systematic and assembled attempts to review, analyze, amend, and improve the prevailing laws and regulations. It is a radical reformation in the Legal System applicable to a specific area or a State as a whole.  Law Reform Projects are regularly initiated in Nepal at the Local, Provincial, and National Levels to stimulate good governance and establish effective means for addressing social, economic, and political obligations.

Imperial Law Associates has had the privilege of participating in several Law Reform and Law Drafting Projects throughout Nepal including the Provincial and National Level. Our Law Firm can expertly draft and review legislation while offering in-depth knowledge and research for our specific areas of practice.

Our Services in Law Reform Projects

Assist Federal, Provincial and Local Government

The Constitution of Nepal Schedule 5-9 has provisioned for Law Making Power to specific sectors for all the levels of Government. Therefore, our leading Law Firm in Nepal provides sophisticated legal recommendations to government bodies on multiple legal matters of our Expertise.

Our multi-talented professionals interpret and analyze constitutional provisions and interpret them to harmonize with existing laws and policies.

Draft Act, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Acts, Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines form the Major Body of the Nepalese Legal System. Imperial Law Associates has some of the most talented drafters in Nepal with an arsenal of skills for drafting clear and comprehensive legislation in Nepal with expediency, required lingual structure, and effectiveness.

We also align the drafted laws and regulations with International Practices and the relevant act or Constitution that governs them.

Collaborate with National and International Development Agencies

National and International Agencies in Nepal are actively involved in the law-making Process in Nepal to address humanitarian and sustainable development issues that can potentially cause crisis. Our Law Firm has a broad-reaching network with International Agencies where we collaborate on law reform Projects.

Moreover, our Firm secures grants and funding from these Sources for Empirical Research and Public Participation Initiatives in Nepal.

Conducting Stakeholders Meeting

The Nepalese Law-Making Process requires detailed meetings with Stakeholders such as Civil Society, Local Leaders, and the aggrieved Parties to participate in Law Reform Projects.

In consideration of such requirements, our Proficient Legal Professionals and Drafters conduct detailed meetings with the concerned stakeholders to reach an agreeable environment for the application of such Laws.

Discussion Series

Public Participation and regular discussion of upcoming changes in laws is a regular process of the Law-Making Process. Therefore, we organize meetings and discussion series with the Public and the concerned individuals to develop a consensus on the prevailing condition of the relevant sector and reach an amicable settlement.

Negotiation of Project

Conflicts and Disagreements can happen during the law-making process. As Imperial Law Associates consists of Leading Arbitration Lawyers of Nepal, we attempt the fullest in conducting healthy and unbiased negotiations for the implementation of Laws. We also develop a consistent legal framework for appropriate conflict resolution.

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