Labor Law

Labor Law in Nepal encompasses various regulations and principles that govern the relationship between Employers and Employees. Labor Advocates in Nepal must grapple with labor law issues such as Recruitment, Termination, Bias, Wage Disputes, Collective Bargaining, Union Activities etc. A Corporate Attorney specializing in Labor Law must advise their client in accordance with Labor Laws and Regulations of Nepal, ensure compliance, and foster a positive workplace environment.

Imperial Law Associates is a distinguished Corporate Law Firm in Nepal with a notable expertise in Labor Law and offers comprehensive Legal Solutions in labor disputes, agreements, contract drafting, and negotiations cum investigation. We provide Tailored Legal Services while expertly ensuring adherence to Labor Laws and Regulations. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in Labor Law of Nepal:

Employment Contract Drafting

Our Law Firm excels in drafting employment contracts of Labor which adhere to all relevant labor law and regulations and shield the parties involved. We draft personalized employment contracts, including Non-Compete Clauses while addressing your particular issues. We also guarantee that these Contracts adhere to the Labor Act of Nepal and review existing employment contracts.

Employee Handbook and Manuals

Our Proficient Professionals also formulate employee handbooks and manuals for employers and employees encompassing company policies, codes of conduct, and other Formal Procedures.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Nepal’s Labor Law has imposed several restrictions on Wage and Hour of Labor. We ensure that your company’s compensation practices align with the establishment of Fair Pay Structures, overtime classifications, and employee categorization.

Termination and Severance Agreements

ILA has significant experience in drafting termination and severance agreements related to Employees while safeguarding your business from Potential Litigation in Nepal. We conduct exhaustive reviews of your agreements and ensure their compliance with Nepal’s Labor Law. We negotiate terms and conditions to reach mutually agreeable resolutions.

Labor Union Negotiations

Our Firm also offers Legal Counsel on Labor Union Negotiations, optimizing our client’s interests by negotiating collective bargaining agreements and maintaining employer-employee relationships.

We prepare for collective bargaining sessions and facilitate conflict resolution to establish a harmonious Employer-Employee Relationship.

Workplace Investigation

Imperial Law Associates also conducts comprehensive Workplace Inquiries into misconduct, harassment, and discrimination in the Office/Workplace while upholding fairness in the Inquiry.

Investigate Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Imperial Law Associates handles Discrimination and Harassment Claims and guarantees that your organization is compliant with Anti-Bias Laws.

We also address the grievances of employees who have experienced Bias and Harassment in their respective companies.

Labor Dispute Resolution

Our Accomplished Litigators and Arbitrators have extensive experience in alternative Resolution Methods such as Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration. We are dedicated to resolving labor disputes while minimizing Litigation to the extent possible. We gather and present pertinent evidence to support our client’s stance in the Dispute and devise litigation Strategies to safeguard their interests.

Draft All types of Contracts and Agreements

Imperial Law Associates excels in all types of contracts and agreements concerning Labor Law in Nepal. We compose and review non-compete arrangements, non-disclosure agreements, as well as Confidentiality agreements for your Business. We draft legally enforceable non-compete agreements and safeguard your company’s confidentiality with Non-Disclosure Agreements. We customize these agreements based on your specifications.

Employee Privacy and Data Protection

Our Legal Team is equipped to handle employee privacy and Data Protection in Businesses and ensure the security of sensitive employee information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Labor Law Mediation and Arbitration

In addition, Imperial Law Associates also provides mediation and arbitration Services to efficiently resolve labor disputes outside of the Court.

Labor Court

The Labor Court, consisting of three members, hears labor-related Judicial Disputes and can resolve labor-related Conflicts. Our Litigators have practiced in Labor Courts since its establishment and represent clients from Pre-Trial Filings to Post-Trial Enforcement and Remedy. We offer a comprehensive array of services related to the Labor Court in Nepal.

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