Labor Advice and Dispute Resolution

According to Recent Statistics, more than 2 Lakh 50 Thousand Companies have been registered in Nepal with each of them consisting of Labor and Employees. Therefore, Labor Disputes, Labor Strikes, Collective Bargaining, and Labor Litigation through the Labor Court have become regular endeavors in Nepal. Imperial Law Associates specializes in Labor Law Disputes in Nepal conducting dispute resolution through either Alternative Means or Court Litigation. Our Professional and Prominent Legal Professionals have had multiple experiences with Labor Disputes and its Resolution.

Labor Laws of Nepal

Labor Act 2074 is the pioneer Labor Law of Nepal which applies to companies, private firms, NGOs, INGOs, and almost all prevailing industries and businesses and entities registered outside Nepal but functioning in Nepal. According to the Act, the Maximum Working Hours must be 8 Hours a Day for not more than 48 Hours a Week. The Minimum Remuneration of Labor has been set at NPR 17, 300 Per Month along with an appropriate increment in remuneration. 

The Major Grounds for Dispute in Labor Law are mostly concerned with Employment and Labor Termination, Disciplinary Action against Employees, Mass Retrenchment, etc. To settle Labor Disputes, the labor/employee and the Company can opt for Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution, file a complaint at the Labor Court, or initiate a case at the court of Jurisdiction. For More Details, we have a Publication on Labor Act 2074 and Its Highlights. 

Process of Labor Dispute Resolution

The Process of Labor Dispute Resolution as prescribed in the Labor Act are as follows:

  1. Complaint or Claim Submission to Employer
  2. Place and Time for Discussion by the Employer within 7 Days
  3. Application for Mediation to Labor Office within 21 if not settled
  4. Arbitration Proceedings if mediation fails.

Our Services

Imperial Law Associates provides a distinguished suite of Labor Law Services in Nepal with an acknowledged expertise in Labor Law throughout Nepal. Our Preeminent Labor Lawyers in Nepal have active experience in Labor Disputes, Negotiations as well as Investigations.

Drafting Claims

Labor Unions and Organizations regularly draft claims for Collective Bargaining and other Labor Demands. Our Law Firm engages with both Employees and Employers to draft Labor Claims and provide expert Labor Advice.

Employment Contract Drafting

The Major Reason for Labor Disputes and complications is initiated through the issues in Employment Contract which doesn’t adhere to the relevant labor law and regulations. Therefore, Our Law Firm drafts non-disputable and legally complied Employment and Labor contracts to prevent potential disputes in the Future.

Labor Union Negotiations

Labor Act specifies that the procedure of settlement of dispute if not settled begins with the application for mediation to the Labor Office. After the application has been accepted the mediation proceedings begin and continue until a specific settlement has been reached.

Labor Dispute Resolution

Labor Dispute Resolution is a regular proceeding among which the Labor Act has prescribed Negotiation and Arbitration as the selected mode of Dispute Resolution. Our Arbitration Lawyers in Nepal at Imperial have widespread experience dedicated to resolving labor disputes while minimizing Litigation to the extent possible.

Labor Court

A Labor Court in Nepal has provisioned a three-member court for resolving Labor Cases in Nepal and can resolve labor-related conflict. Our Expert Advocates have practice in Labor Courts continuously and represent their clients completely.

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