International Trade

International Trade has been exponentially developing in Nepal with the advent of Globalization and Liberalization. In this context, the rules and regulations guiding International Trade are being improved and increased. Several tight regulations and unwarranted sanctions have been established. Therefore, every International Trading Company requires the support of experienced and professional legal services in Nepal through International Trade Lawyers and Law Firms. Imperial Law Associates has been involved with companies actively contributing to International Trade and successfully represented them in National and International Jurisdiction. We provide a broad legal service for International Trade Law including Compliance, Due Diligence, Representation, Agreement Drafting, and much more.  

Import/Export Advisory and Compliance

Import/Export Compliance are the rules, regulations, and mechanisms established to regulate the movement of goods and services across borders. It includes Bilateral and Multi-Lateral Agreements as well as International Conventions and Treaties. For purposes of International Trade, Importers and Exporters must understand the whole structure of these Regulations. Imperial Law Associates is a leading law firm in Import/Export Advisory and Compliance in Nepal. We ensure your activities comply with International Trade Laws and Regulations. We also minimize the risk of Customs and related Issues. Our Firm also complies with National and International Taxation, VAT, Customs, Excise, and other Taxation Laws for Import and Export.

Trade Agreements and Negotiations

Imports and Exports require a high level of coordination with International Agencies and Businesses that usually occur through mutual agreements. As a prominent law firm in Nepal, we analyze international Trade Agreements and develop legally and financially sound contracts with beneficial terms. We also draft terms and conditions of the agreement based on globally practiced Trade Laws. If any form of Trade Agreement Dispute happens, we also represent our clients Nationally and Internationally.

Customs and Tariffs in International Trade Law

Customs and Tariffs are the rates of tax charged by the Department of Customs on the Importation of Goods into Nepal. In comparison, Nepal has levied high tariff rates based on the value of the goods, their luxury, and the benefits the people obtain. Our Firm acquaints your business with the legal elements of Customs and Tariffs. Moreover, we suggest the optimal tax structure to minimize your Tax Return through Compliance Audits and classification of Tariffs.

Representation in National and International Jurisdiction

International Trade necessitates cooperation at an international level and the enforcement of both  National and International Laws, rules, and regulations. Hence, Businesses can end up in court proceedings in both National and International jurisdictions. However, Our Law Firm has a pioneering initiative of representing our clients nationally and internationally. We represent clients in disputes before Trade Tribunals, the World Trade Organization, etc. We also streamline the complete court proceedings as a result of the Litigation. Moreover, we refer our clients to Alternative Dispute Resolution for legal disputes and complications.

Comprehensive Legal Advice

Import/Export Activities involve complicated authorities and several consequences for violations, tax avoidance, etc. It can result in hefty fines for violation of Regulations. To avoid these consequences, our Law Firm provides an ongoing collection of legal advice on various matters of International Trade. We provide you with a comprehensive framework of Trade Laws and keep you regularly updated on changes in these laws.

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