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Imperial Law Associates provides comprehensive, dedicated, and strategic Legal solutions in Intellectual Property Law covering Copyright Protection, Trademark Registration, Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Infringement, and much more. We have registered trademarks, filed for patents, and registered Copyrights of multiple Businesses and Individuals in Nepal. We have been involved in litigation related to Intellectual Property and ensured legal remedies in several conditions of Copyright Infringement in Nepal. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in the Intellectual Property Law of Nepal:

Copyright Protection and Licensing

Our Law Firm handles all the legal aspects of Copyright from Registration to licensing to protection and infringement. We can sustain your licensing agreements while protecting your Interests.

Patent Consulting and Filing

Our Experts also consult on Patent Filing in Nepal by conducting Legal Research and handling the drafting and filing of Patent Applications in Nepal. We also interact with the Patent Office with active amendments and responses to secure your patent.

Design Patent Protection

Design Patent is an integral part of any Intellectual Property Portfolio. We assist our clients in securing their design patents and protection and remedies in case of infringement. We are involved in Design Patent Litigation after the analysis of your potential design Patent Infringements.

Trademark Registration and Management

Imperial Law Associates has experience related to Trademark Registration in Nepal. We also manage your Trademark through any legal complications and keep it legally protected. We prepare documents and file for Trademark Applications and monitor trademark databases for potential infringement.

Protection and Cases for Infringement

Intellectual Property Infringement is a common challenge that our Clients can potentially face after registration. We are experienced Litigators who can secure your Intellectual Property Rights with appropriate legal actions and remedies. We draft and send formal cease letters to the Infringers demanding immediate action.

We engage in Negotiation and Settlement if possible but advocate for your rights in court and ensure appropriate remedies and resolution of Disputes.

Franchising and Transfer of Rights

We also guarantee franchising arrangements and handle the transfer of Intellectual Property Rights in Nepal while defining the terms and obligations of the franchisor and franchisee. We also conduct additional Due Diligence if necessary.

Registration, Opposition, and Related Filings at DOI

Expert Lawyers in Nepal at Imperial Law Associates handle registration, opposition, and related filings at the Department of Industry (DOI)  to secure or regulate your Intellectual Property Rights.

To fulfill the above, we prepare and apply for IP Registration, handle and negotiate with Oppositions if possible, and keep track of renewal deadlines of your IP while recording changes such as Transfers in a diligent manner.

Drafting of Agreements related to Intellectual Property

We craft all forms of documents related to Intellectual Property Franchising, Technology Transfer, and much more. We have experience in Drafting Royalty and Fee Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Franchise Disclosure Documents, etc.

General Intellectual Property Advice

Our Intellectual Property Law Experts can dispense counseling on Intellectual Property Matters tailored to your specific needs which can protect and optimize your Intellectual Property assets.

Product Counterfeit Investigation

Counterfeiting of Intellectual Property has been emerging as a general practice that can be legally sanctioned. We conduct a thorough Investigation of your Intellectual Property to prevent counterfeiting and take appropriate legal actions if your IP has been counterfeited in Nepal.

IP Due Diligence

Timely Due Diligence provides you with a clear understanding of your Intellectual Property and eases decision-making related to IP. Hence, regular due diligence of your IP assets is instrumental which is one of our Service Areas under Intellectual Property Law.

We evaluate and assess the Legal Compliance of your IP assets with Nepalese Laws and Regulations. Moreover, we provide Due Diligence reports for mergers, acquisitions, and licensing Agreements of Intellectual Property assets.

IP Litigation and Enforcement

Imperial Law Associates zealously represents its clients in Litigation and forms of ADR so that your interests have been represented. We also ensure the enforcement of your Intellectual Property Rights.

We engage in active negotiation with potential infringers seek alternative resolutions and explore Arbitration and Mediation to achieve cost-effective solutions.

Technology Transfer Agreements

Our Law Firm has several experiences in drafting and Facilitating Technology Transfer Agreements and other IP Agreements in Nepal.

We assist you in defining the scope of IP Rights that are being transferred and negotiate the terms of Transfer. We also design a royalty payment structure.

International IP Protection

Our Work Expertise extends beyond Nepal as we assist you in securing international protection for your Intellectual Property Assets.

Specifically, we can develop a strategic plan to file Intellectual Property in multiple jurisdictions and utilize International Laws and Treaties for our cause. Moreover, we have experience in expanding our contacts for collaboration with local counsel to enforce your intellectual Property Rights in Foreign Jurisdictions.

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