Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law or Bankruptcy Law deals with individuals, businesses, and other companies whose liabilities have surpassed their assets and face severe financial obligations. As a Leading Law Firm in Nepal, Imperial Law Associates has a lengthy practice of Insolvency Law in Nepal that encompasses drafting documents, participating in court litigation, and dealing with Alternative means of Dispute Resolution, etc. 

Petition for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in Company Law refers to a legal procedure by which a company’s assets are declared to be lower than its liabilities and meanwhile can’t pay its debts. We evaluate your Debt Complications and recognize the need of whether to file for bankruptcy or not. We assist clients in preparing and filing bankruptcy petitions to the court.

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring is an instrumental method of dealing with bankruptcy where the terms and conditions of existing debt are modified to provide financial benefits to the debtor. It is a regularly practiced process during Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings. Our Firm can swiftly handle the drafting of debt restructuring Agreements and other absolute aspects of Debt.

Liquidation Proceedings

Liquidation refers to the transaction of a company’s assets and financial backups to compensate its shareholders and debtors while the company is deregistered. Companies prefer either declaring Bankruptcy and restructuring their organization or proceeding to Liquidation in Nepal. As a leading Law Firm in Nepal, we have diligently handled liquidation proceedings of Multi-National companies representing our clients in Liquidation Proceedings and drafting relevant legal instruments.

Complete Representation in Courts

Involuntary Liquidation is the consequence of Court proceedings. So, whether our client is a debtor or a near-insolvent company, we have a set of globally certified Experienced Lawyers for Insolvency Law. We can represent you in Insolvency Proceedings, Bankruptcy Hearings, and other legal representational services.

Legal Supervision of Det Repayment

Debt Repayment after Liquidation can be stressful for both parties involved in the Insolvency. Imperial Law Associates represents both the company and the debtor during the debt repayment process while mitigating the legal aspects of Debt Repayment. We also ensure compliance of debt payments with Court Decisions and other rules and regulations.

Cross-Border Insolvency

Insolvency, for Multi-National Companies, is a transnational legal and financial complexity that can cause difficulty outside the host state. Therefore, our Law Firm specializes in Cross-Border Insolvency issues where we facilitate foreign insolvency proceedings for International Companies in Nepal. We also resolve disputes, conflicts, and disagreements arising from Insolvency through Arbitration or Mediation.

Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation in Insolvency Law in Nepal demands the completion of several agreements between the debtor and the stakeholders of the insolvent companies. Debt Negotiation involves multiple individuals, companies, investors, and shareholders desiring the best recovery of their investment. Therefore, the parties certainly require a renowned law firm with passion, patience, and perseverance. Our Debt Negotiation involves drafting and setting the terms and conditions of Debt Settlement Agreements, draft debt discharge agreements, and much more.

Insolvency Negotiation

Our Law Firm also handles Insolvency Negotiations in Nepal. It involves the legal structuring of debt financing and the process of mutually defining the amount of debt for each investor. Finally, we draft Agreements to resolve insolvency and formal bankruptcy.

Enforcement of Creditors Rights

After the finalization of Bankruptcy Proceedings and Court Proceedings, it is essential to enforce the rights of the Creditors which involves their privileges, examination, and their financial entitlement. In this context, our Law Firm represents the creditors in enforcing Court decisions. We also enforce other forms of Interest and adopt a Client-Centric Approach while understanding the needs of the Creditor.

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