INGO and NGO Compliance

INGOs and NGOs are established for social, utilitarian, or other philanthropic purposes. However, they are subject to National Laws and Regulations which they must adhere to. INGO and NGO Compliance in Nepal are those sets of rules, regulations, and standards to be followed to operate legally.

NGO/INGO Laws in Nepal

Associations Registration Act 2034 is an act made for the establishment and registration of associations. Generally, Associations for Social, Religious, Educational, Economic, and Philanthropic causes fall under this Act. Section 4 of the Act has provisioned for the registration of associations where seven or more seven individuals are required and apply for registration through the Local Authority. The details for the Process of INGO and NGO Compliance have been published in one of our publications: the registration of an association, it is integral to check and assess its operations and administrative activities along with its legality.

Our Services in INGO and NGO Compliance

Imperial Law Associates has high-quality and standardized NGO INGO Compliance Services in Nepal through knowledgeable and proficient Legal Professionals with a plethora of experience working with NGOs and INGO Organizations.

Submission of Statement of Accounts

Section 9 of the Associations Registration Act 2034 has provisioned that the Management Committee of the Association submits the statements of accounts to the Ward Office with the report of the Auditor.

Our Corporate Legal Professionals can draft the required documents for compliance catalogs and submit the statement of accounts to the Local Authority.

Examination of Accounts

Section 10 has provisioned that the local authority can examine the accounts of an INGO or NGO by appointing an officer. While an examination of an NGO/INGO’s Accounts is continued, our competent lawyers coordinate with Local Bodies to ensure swift appraisal of the association.

Submission of Statements and Documents

When a statement or a document is demanded by the Examining Officer, it is an essential prerequisite to submit it within the stated deadline. Therefore, submit the required documents and act as the Official Legal Advisors for our client’s Organizations.

Due Diligence

Regular Due Diligence is instrumental in ensuring the Legality of any Association. Considering such requirements, Imperial Law Associates conducts Bi-Annual and Annual investigations and assessment of NGOs and INGOs in Nepal and discover potential legal pitfalls.


According to Section 13 of the Associations Registration Act, in case of the final decision of the Local Authority after examination, an appeal may be made In the Court of Nepal within 35 Days of the Final Decision. Our Law Firm carries unparalleled lawyers and advocates proficient in advocacy, filing Appeals, and ensuring Client Satisfaction during Court Cases and Litigation.

Other Services

Following are the remaining Services provided by Imperial Law Associates to NGOs and INGOs throughout Nepal:

  1. Registration NGOs before SWC,
  2. Receiving the affiliation of INGOs before SWC,
  3. Drafting and approval of General Agreement and Project Agreement from SWC,
  4. Filing of regular compliance submissions to be made at the District Development Committee, Social Welfare Council, and District Administration Office,
  5. Advising on exit strategies and closure of projects,
  6. Visa and work permit processing for INGO expatriates and country representatives,
  7. Provide advice to the INGO in relation to dealings with local partners and advise on the local partner’s compliance requirements in relation to agreements with them,
  8. Attend all official meetings of the client with government entities as necessary,
  9. Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the agreement of INGOs and NGOs,
  10. Drafting the HR policy, and employment agreement and providing advice on labor issues of INGOs and NGOs,
  11. Keeping up to date with the regulatory or statutory changes in policies that might affect the INGOs and NGOs,
  12. Provide legal advisory on any potential disputes with third parties for INGOs and NGOs.

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