Information and Communication Technology Law

Imperial Law Associates is a widely recognized leading Corporate Law Firm in ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) Law such as compliance, drafting, licensing, cybercrime, litigation, IP Protection, and much more. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in ICT (Information Communication and Technology) Law of Nepal:


Our E-Drafting Services encompass contracts, agreements as well and legal documents, particularly for the Technology and Communication Sectors. We also develop end-user license agreements for software and applications and prepare terms of use and privacy policies for our clients in Nepal.

Cybercrime ICT Law Firm in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates has certified Cybercrime Specialist Lawyers that address cybercrime matters including cases involving Digital Fraud, Hacking, Identity, Theft and other cyber-related offenses.

We represent parties in cases of data breaches, use of Social Media for defamation, unauthorized access, etc., and guide them in filing Cybercrime Complaints.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Our Law Firm excels in conducting regulatory compliance assessments related to ICT Law in Nepal. We assess compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines to facilitate continuous operations for our clients.

Moreover, our firm monitors and updates your policies in light of evolving regulatory frameworks.

Cyber Security and Cyber Issues

We also provide Legal advice and guidance to our clients in matters related to cybersecurity and Cyber issues. We establish robust cyber security measures, data breaches, and other legal challenges.

We represent clients in investigations related to cybersecurity complications and draft response plans to guide clients in managing Cyber incidents.

Company Policy Making

Imperial Law Associates assists its clients in formulating Policies for their website, business, social media, or any other digital and internet media. We specialize in Providing IT Policies, Privacy Policies as well and Advertisement policies for our clients that govern technology usage, global data protection laws, and update policies for ICT Companies.

Legal Advisor to Payment Solutions and Gateways

Online Payment Solutions and Payment Gateways require legal advice related to Agreement, bank and government compliance as well as resolving disputes associated with Digital Payment Systems.

We draft agreements between businesses and payment service providers addressing terms and fees.

Data Privacy Framework

Our Law Firm specializes in creating a robust data privacy framework for our clients while keeping international and domestic laws in consideration. We also advise our clients on Data Protection Laws, Compliance Measures, and other forms of Privacy.

We guide Cross-Border Data Transfers and conduct assessments to ensure compliance with Data Protection Laws.

Software Licensing

We assist our clients in providing comprehensive legal support in software licensing matters. We assist you in drafting, negotiating, and enforcing Software Licensing Agreements based on the interest of our clients.

We review and negotiate software licenses, address licensing models, and intellectual Property Rights and limit the usage of Software. We also enforce rights legally related to Software Licensing.

Digital Intellectual Property Protection

Imperial has experienced professionals who provide expert advice on Copyright, Trademark, Patent as well and Trade Secrets related to ICT Law. We regularly protect digital assets and file copyright Registration for Software, Multimedia, and other Digital Property. Moreover, we represent clients in litigation cases involving Copyright Infringement.

IT Contract Drafting

Contracts and Agreements have been emerging in the ICT Sector of Nepal. It involves the processes of drafting, negotiating as well and reviewing. Our Firm is well-versed in drafting and negotiating contracts for IT Companies in Nepal.

We draft and negotiate Technology Procurement Agreements and craft Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements for ICT Projects.

Social Media Legal Strategy

Various Legal and International Conventions have imposed Legal Restrictions upon the usage of Social Media by companies and media. So, we direct our client in crafting Legally viable Social Media Strategies and address challenges such as Terms and Conditions, Content, and User Agreement.

We advise our clients on potential intellectual Property Rights in Social Media content creation and Sharing. We also address legal issues from User-Generated Content and provide legal support in handling defamation, privacy, and reputation issues on Social Media.

ICT Dispute Resolution

Imperial Law Associates has seasoned expertise in resolving disputes arising amongst ICT Companies. We either, offer Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to our clients or represent you in Court itself. We offer mediation as well as Arbitration in Technology-Related Conflicts and represent clients in Breach of Contracts and Intellectual Property Disputes. 

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