Immigration Law

Imperial Law Associates, based in Kathmandu Nepal is a distinguished Corporate Law Firm in Nepal providing expert legal service par excellence. With a team of young, experienced, and specialized Corporate Lawyers in Nepal, Imperial provides a wide range of Legal Services including Immigration Law. It acts as a leading Immigration Law Firm in Nepal with seasoned and experienced Immigration Lawyers.  

Work Visa and Family Visa

Imperial Law Associates offers Legal Immigration Services associated with Work Visa and Family Visa in Nepal. We provide expert assistance in obtaining visas for Foreign Employees by simplifying the process of application and compliance with all legal requirements for Visa Approval. Our Dedicated Professionals have international contacts to assist your family members in Family Visa applications and swift legal approval. Our services also extend to complete assistance in Spouse visas and fulfilling dependency criteria with successful petitions.

US Citizenship and Green Card

With more than 2 Lakh Nepalese Americans residing in the US, it has become a highly attractive immigration destination. Here at Imperial, we act as your highly reliable legal advisors for obtaining US Citizenship and a Green Card. Our Services elusively guide our clients in fulfilling the eligibility criteria for being a Naturalized US Citizen and obtaining Permanent Residency in the US based on Family-Sponsored or Employment-based green card applications. We also adjust the immigration Status of our clients and can potentially offer legal support for renewing expiring Green Cards through our US Associates and US Immigration Lawyer in Nepal.

Permanent Employment and Labor Certification

Our Immigration Experts ensure International Permanent Employment and Labor Certification from the country of our choice after meeting the eligibility criteria. We also guide you in smoothly securing your employment-based Green cards by ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. We also draft and submit Employment-based Visa petitions.

Business Immigration Compliance

Imperial Law Associates has extended its Immigration Legal Services to Business Immigration Compliance (Business Visa) with E-Verify Compliance to meet federal employment eligibility requirements of the US. We also develop immigration policies for Global Giants and International Conglomerates as per the company’s compliance standards. We also assist foreign Investors in swiftly getting Business Visa for Nepal. 

Visa Extension Immigration Law Firm in Nepal

Our Firm has facilitated the process of extending Non-Immigrant Visas to maintain their Legal Status in all foreign countries, to the extent of possibility. We efficiently draft high-standard required documents and fulfill filing requirements. ILA assists its clients in changing their VISA Status when necessary in Nepal.

Asylum and Refugee Matters

Asylum and Refugee Matters have been heavily regulated by International Laws and Regulations nationally and internationally. We help countries in preparing and filing Asylum Petitions and extend our services to assisting refugees in applying for Lawful status in the country they have been residing in. Through our International Contacts, we arrange full representation for Asylum Appeals as well.

Consular Processing

Consular Processing, headed by respective Governments requires several steps such as Filing Immigrant Petitions, Review, Decision, Appeals, etc. Our seasoned professionals assist clients with consular processing for Visa Applications at all Foreign Embassies and Consulates, ensuring a smooth process from Document Verification to Visa Approval. We also complete all paperwork and documents for Consular Processing and waiver relevant requests for Visas as per your needs.

Employer Compliance Audits

Imperial Law Associates has immigration Lawyers in Nepal who have extensive experience in conducting Employer Compliance Audits to identify compliance issues of Immigration Laws. We also represent companies in Litigation and Court Proceedings in complexities associated with Employer and Labor Compliance of International Corporations.

Immigration Litigation

Our Law Firm has young and energetic Litigators with experiences associated with International Jurisdictions. We represent clients facing deportation proceedings from Foreign Authorities. We host immigration lawyers in Nepal that handle appeals to challenge deportation and engage in Federal Court Litigation as well as other Court Proceedings.

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