Government of Nepal waives government fees 
for Company Registration and Capital Increment

The Ministry of Industry, Supplies and Commerce of the Government of Nepal has published a notification in the Nepal Gazette dated 25 September 2023 regarding the waiver of government fees for company registration in Nepal and increment of authorised capital.

This provision was introduced under section 18 of the Finance Act, 2080 (2023) applicable for the ongoing fiscal year 2080/2081.

The notification grants the waiver of the government fees as follows:

A. Waiver of the government fees for company registration in Nepal

The government fees for the registration of following companies have been waived in Nepal:

  1. Registration of Private Companies pursuant to Section 5 of the Companies Act Nepal, 2063 (“Companies Act);
  2.  Registration of Public Companies pursuant to Section 5 of the Companies Act;
  3. Registration of Profit not distributing Companies pursuant to Section 166 of the Companies Act; and
  4. Registration of Branch or Liaison office of foreign companies pursuant to Section 154 (2) and (3) of the Companies Act.

B. Increment of capital of a company in Nepal

If a company that is previously registered under the laws of Nepal intends to increase or alter its capital by the following ways, then the government fees for such changes shall be waived:

  1. Increment of capital; and
  2. Alteration of authorised capital pursuant to the Section 56 (1) (a) and (b) of the Companies Act by the following ways:
    1. Issuing new shares;
    2. Consolidating or dividing the shares.

The official text of the notification can be accessed through this link:

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