Foreign Movie Making in Nepal (2024)

Foreign Movie Making in Nepal requires permits from Several Governmental Authorities, Compliance with National Laws, and regular filming fees (Censor Fees) as required by the Federal Government and Local Government. Filming Permits are required before Foreign Movie Making in Nepal in National Heritage Locations, National Parks, and other geographically viable areas. Further, Licenses are mandatory for the production, exhibition, and distribution of Movies (Both National and International). Foreign Movie Making has been encouraged in Nepal through recent initiatives by the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, and Culture with several tax cuts.

1. What are the Laws and Regulatory Authorities related to Foreign movie making in Nepal?

The Laws that regulate Foreign Movie Making in Nepal are as follows:

Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition, and Distribution) Act 2026

Motion Picture Act 2026 is Nepal’s primary foreign moviemaking law that manages the production, exhibition, and distribution of motion pictures (Movies) throughout Nepal for the convenience of the people in general.

Motion Picture Rules 2057

According to the Motion Pictures Rules, an Application must be submitted for the Production, Exhibition, and Distribution of Movies in Nepal. A License Fee is taken while a One Door/Window Committee establishes Policies for providing permission to shoot motion pictures in Nepal. The Regulatory Bodies on foreign Film Making in Nepal are:

  1. Film Development Board Nepal
  2. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation
  3. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  4. Local Government

3. Is a Film Making Permit Required in Nepal?

Yes, a filmmaking permit is mandatory for foreign moviemaking in Nepal. The Ministry of Information and Communication provides the Official Permit for making Foreign Movies. A person who desires a license must apply using the information below.

4. What are the types of moviemaking permits?

Permit for National Heritage: The Department of Archeology provides the permit and appoints a Liaison Officer.

Permit for Public Area: The Basic Permit for Movie Making in Nepal by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Permit for National Parks: The Department of Wildlife Conservation grants the permit for filming.

Permit for Drones: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) grants the permit.

5. What is the process of obtaining a foreign moviemaking license in Nepal?

The Detailed Process of Obtaining a foreign-making Making License in Nepal is as follows:

Step 1: Submit an Application for the Production of a Foreign Movie to the Ministry of Information and Communication

Step 2: Review of Application

Step 3: Certification of General Film License

Step 4: Presence of Liaison Officer

Step 5: Specialized Permit for Locations Mentioned Above

Step 6: Permit from Local Government

6. What are the Documents Required to obtain a license?

The Documents required for Foreign moviemaking in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Letter informing Ministry of Information and Communication for application of Shoot Permit
  2. A Letter of Assignment of the Local Coordinator by the Foreign Movie Maker
  3. Application Form with details mentioned below
  4. Schedule, Name, Crew Passport, List of Equipments, etc.
  5. Consent Letter of Relevant Organizations

The information to be mentioned in the application to be submitted for the license to produce Movies in Nepal are:

  1. Applicant’s;

(a) Name:

(b) Address:

Permanent: Temporary:

(c) Contact Telephone Number




(d) Email Address:

  1. Citizenship: Citizenship Certificate Number (Passport Number if


Issuing Official and date-

  1. If the applicant is an institution or Company,

(a) Registration Number, Date, and Office:

(b) Name of the Share Holder:


Telephone Number:

(c) Copy of the Registration Certificate:

(d) Copy of the Registration Certificate for tax:

  1. Motion picture to be produced:

(a) Type: feature motion picture/documentary /cartoon motion

picture/ advertisement motion picture/animation motion picture/


(b) Size: full motion picture/

(c) Title: In Nepali In English:

(d) Language:

(e) Technology: Cellulite (35 M.M./ 16 M.M.)/ Digital/ Video /


(f) Types of camera:

(g) Magazine to be used in camera: Reel/ Chips/ D.V. Cam/


(h) Brief story and Song:

  1. Name of the scriptwriter:
  2. Name of the publisher if the script is published:
  3. Name of lyricist if a song is included:
  4. Motion Picture:

(a) Name of the Director:

(b) Name of the leading Artist (female/male):

  1. Whether the title is the same or not with the motion picture, which is already

produced or under production:

  1. Location of shooting:
  2. Number of Artists;

Native: Foreigner:

  1. Number of technicians;

Native: Foreigner:

  1. Total tentative amount to produce motion picture:

(a) Remuneration Expenses of artists:

(b) Remuneration Expenses of technicians:

(c) Expenses of technical equipment:

(d) Laboratory Expenses:

(e) Equipment Expenses:

(f) Location Expenses:

(g) Advertisement Expenses:

(h) Other Expenses:

  1. Objective of the motion picture to be produced: Social/ Political/

Cultural/ Entertainment/Educational/Informative /others

  1. Structure of exhibition of the produced motion picture:

(a) National and International or both:

(b) Public or Internal or both:

  1. Types of cinema hall to be exhibited:

(a) Celluloid

(b) Digital/Video

(c) Outside the cinema hall

  1. Copy of the consent of scriptwriter and lyrist and agreement with main

artists and director:

  1. Other matters as determined by the Board from time to time:

7. What are Nepal's Licenses to Obtain for Motion Pictures (Production, Exhibition, and Distribution)?

License for Production, Distribution, and Exhibition

No one shall produce, distribute, or exhibit the following motion pictures without obtaining a license from the Government of Nepal or by an officer prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

(a) Feature film and

(b) Other types of motion Pictures as prescribed by the Government of Nepal upon a Notification published in the Nepal Gazette occasionally.

License for Operation of Cinema Hall

No one shall construct a cinema hall without obtaining a license from the Government of Nepal or the authority prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

(a) Any disturbance and inconvenience to any school, hostel, hospital, place of public importance, institution, or Governmental office while permitting the construction of a Cinema Hall as per the application,

(b) Necessity of such Cinema Hall based on population,

(c) Submission of design of the Cinema Hall has made sufficient arrangements as prescribed for safety, health, and facilities for audiences,

(d) Whether or not such a license may be issued as per the other Nepal laws.

Censor of Motion Picture

A person who has obtained a license shall make an application to the Film Censor Board before the exhibition of any motion picture in the format as prescribed, and the Board shall also censor such motion picture and decide whether to give or not give permission as follows:

(a) To permit the said motion picture to exhibit publicity without prescribing any condition or

(b) To permit to exhibit publicly subject to any alteration, modification, or abide by any other conditions and restrictions, or

(c) To permit upon prescribing a condition that the said motion picture shall be exhibited publicly only for adults above the age of sixteen years or

(d) Refuse to permit the motion picture for public exhibition.

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