Foreign Investment Approval

Foreign Investment in Nepal has been continuously increasing as a consequence of the increasing liberalization of Nepalese Markets and the Capital Sector. Venture Capital Firms, International Investors and Multi-National Companies have been extensively planning on gaining foreign investment approval in Nepal. Imperial Law Associates has been internationally recognized as having a wide clientele aiming to enter into Nepalese Markets and we have successfully acted as Legal Advisors for Foreign Investment Approval in Nepal.

Foreign Investment Approval Laws in Nepal

Companies Act 2063 B.S. governs Business Incorporation in Nepal. It was promulgated to consolidate the laws relating to the company as well as ease and simplify the incorporation and operation of Companies. The Act was also purposeful in promoting investment in various sectors of the Nepalese Economy. Section 3 of the Act has provisioned for the Incorporation of a Company in Nepal.

Process of Foreign Investment Approval

As the Leading Foreign Investment Law Firm in Nepal, we have a legal publication dedicated to the Procedure of Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal which you can access through the following Link:

The Process for Foreign Investment Approval in Nepal involves the following steps:

  1. Obtain the Approval of Foreign Investment from Depart of Industry and Investment Board of Nepal
  2. Company Incorporation
  3. Tax Registration at the Inland Revenue Office
  4. Business Registration at Ward Office
  5. Industry Registration
  6. Approval from Nepal Rastra Bank to bring the Foreign Investment.

Our Services

DOI and IBN Approval

Foreign Investors or Companies expanding in Nepal must gain an approval certification from either the Department of Industry or the Investment Board of Nepal depending on the amount of investment.

To receive their approval, an application must be submitted along with the prescribed documents. Imperial Law Associates drafts all required documents for Foreign investment Approval and can expediently file them at our client’s convenience.

NRB Approval

After the approval of DOI/IBN as well as the completion of all required processes that we shall lead, we also coordinate with Nepal Rastra Bank and gain their approval, bringing the foreign Investment amount to Nepal. We draft all required documents including Compliance Contracts and other relevant documents to swiftly arrange the approval.

Drafting FDI Approval Application

According to the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act,  a foreign investor desiring to make a foreign investment in Nepal must apply to the Foreign Investment Approving Body. Imperial Law Associates has an Internationally Recognized FDI Lawyer in Nepal who can appropriately draft an Application for FI and gain approval within seven days of application registration.

Coordinate with Regulatory Authorities

The Investment Board of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, and the Department of Industry are the major regulatory authorities of Foreign Investment Approval in Nepal. Imperial Law Associates excels in facilitating interactions gaining approvals from the key regulatory bodies of Nepal and ensuring appropriate compliance for streamlining the investment Process.

Foreign Investment Company Incorporation

In Practice, an Investor in Nepal must incorporate a company or such business after the approval of Investment from the Investment Board of Nepal. In regards to Company Incorporation, we shall draft the essential requisites and request relevant documents, file for Company Incorporation, and gain complete approval.

After the Incorporation of our client Company, we ensure compliance with Nepalese Rules and Regulations and register PAN Number for regular Tax Filing.

Ultimately, Imperial Law Associates functions as a premier Legal Advisor to Foreign Investors in Nepal providing adequate Knowledge and necessary legal guidance for a streamlined Foreign Investment in Nepal.

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