Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal presents an appealing option for international investors due to the untapped market and attractive incentives. FDI can be pursued through three primary avenues: Equity Investment, Loan Investment, and Re-investment, all offering limitless opportunities. The Foreign Investment and Technology Act of 2019 governs this process, setting a minimum threshold of NPR 50 Million for Foreign Investment in Nepal. However, there are several challenges and limitations that a Foreign Investor faces while investing in Nepal such as complex approval procedures and lack of risk management. So, you need FDI Lawyers and Law Firms in Nepal to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the whole process.

Imperial Law Associates is a Leading Premier Corporate Law Firm in Nepal specializing in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Nepal. ILA has an adept team of Corporate Lawyers that guides you from the Initial Process of Approval to Post-Incorporation Compliance. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)  in Nepal:

Approval of Foreign Direct Investment

Imperial Law Associates has extensive experience in ensuring the approval of Foreign Investment in Nepal. Before the completion of the Investment itself, Government Approval is necessary as it is also the toughest to navigate. Hence, you need a reliable and consistent Law Firm to finalize the Foreign Investment Procedure.

Co-ordination with Department of Industry (DOI), Industrial and Investment Promotion Board

Direct FDI in Nepal requires approval from the Department of Industry and Industrial and Investment Promotion Board as per the amount of Investment. Your Intended Law Firm must excel in facilitating interactions with key regulatory bodies of Nepal and ensure compliance according to their regulations.

Approval from Nepal Rastra Bank

One of the most crucial steps in FDI Compliance in Nepal is obtaining Approval from Nepal Rastra Bank. We guide you through the Recording Process as per Financial Regulations as well as Smooth Fund Flow.

Business Visa

The Most integral element for any Foreign Investors interested in FDI in Nepal is obtaining a Business Visa which can take 2 to 5 Months. Our Legal Experts at Imperial Law can guarantee the Investor, with due Legal Process, ensure your entry and stay in Nepal without any complexities.

Incorporation of Foreign Company

Foreign Investors require a Law Firm in Nepal to incorporate the FDI Venture with legal establishment and guarantee. Imperial Law Associates holistically handles the Incorporation Process from documentation, registration, and compliance through Coordination with Government Authorities.

Copyright Protection

One of the major challenges faced by International Companies and Franchises in Nepal is concerning Copyright as well as Intellectual Property Protection. As Nepal’s Copyright Law is unique, it is essential to safeguard your Intellectual Property Rights that can enhance the value of the Investments and likewise select the appropriate Law Firm.

End-to-End Legal Advice

Imperial Law Associates has worked as a Legal Advisor to various International Companies. We provide End-to-End Holistic advice to Companies willing to invest in Nepal that covers the initiation of FDI to the completion of the Project.

Structuring of FDI Law Firm in Nepal

Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal, as stated earlier is challenging for any entrepreneur and hence tax structuring, corporate structure, compliance, etc. can be confusing during the Procedure of FDI.

Corporate Finance

Compliance with Nepali Laws and regulations is critical for foreign investors. Moreover, after Incorporation, the Law Firms in Nepal must assist in swift Corporate Finance of the Company. Imperial Law Associates have been handling issues related to Corporate Finance and Governance as well.

Regulatory Approvals and Documentation

Our Experienced Team of Lawyers can provide easy approval, indirectly and directly to projects concerned with regulations in Nepal. Imperial Law Associates can legally ensure any regulatory approvals as well as documentation related to Foreign Direct Investment.

Compliance Filings and Due Diligence

FDI Lawyers must also file for compliance as well as guarantee Periodical Due Diligence with unrivaled expertise. Lawyers at ILA provide Overall Legal Solutions that encompass funding, restructuring as well and Financial Governance that can optimize the Financial Aspects of the FDI Venture.

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