Energy and Infrastructure Law

Energy and Infrastructure Law Firms in Nepal must have the capacity to act as Legal Advisor for Hydropower projects, all forms of Agreements and Contract Drafting and conduct Due Diligence and warrant compliance as per Nepal’s Law. Lawyers involved in Energy and Infrastructure Law in Nepal must cover and facilitate these projects by interacting with Governmental Bodies while ensuring Environmental Consciousness as well as Stakeholder Interest.

Imperial Law Associates is a premier law firm in Nepal that offers a comprehensive array of services in Energy and Infrastructure Law. We have countless experiences connected to drafting contracts, agreements, and other documents for EI companies. We have performed Due Diligence and ushered Compliance with the Government of Nepal regarding Energy and Infrastructure Projects as well. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in the Energy and Infrastructure Law of Nepal:

Hydropower Projects

Nepal has massive scope for Hydropower companies and Hydro-related Projects with the economic feasibility of more than 43,000 MW of Electricity. To this date, 123 Hydropower Plants operate in Nepal with a total capacity of 2150 MW. Hence, the potential for Hydropower is ever-increasing in Nepal.

Likewise, Imperial Law can handle the Legal Aspects of Hydropower projects that involve contract, agreement, study, dispute resolution, compliance, review, due diligence, and much more.

Investigate Legal Feasibility

Any Projects related to Infrastructure, Hydropower, etc. necessitate meeting Specific Criteria as per the Industry and Regulations of Nepal. Imperial Law also analyzes the Legal Feasibility of the relevant projects and initiates the fundamentals of the Project such as Documentation, Registration, etc.

We also identify the potential challenges and opportunities that may arise in the Project itself.

Administrative, Regulatory and Environmental Compliances and Approvals

Before the Initiation of any Energy and Infrastructure Projects, it is essential to warrant compliances and approvals that span from Administration to Environment. ILA can assist you in guaranteeing Compliance and Approvals for your Project.

Energy and Infrastructure Law Firm Advisory

The Primary Responsibility of Energy and Infrastructure Law Firms in Nepal is to act as the Legal Advisor of the Form. Clients must be provided hands-on assistance throughout the Project in various Legal Matters. Moreover, Law Firms must act as the Overall Legal Backbone of the Project.

Draft and Negotiate Power Development Agreements

Energy and Infrastructure Projects in Nepal are renowned for having Power Development Agreements. As the Agreements need to be carefully drafted and negotiated in Nepal, a trustable Law Firm is required. The Firm must draft the agreements to protect the interest of the Client while aligning them with Legal Limitations.

Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements happen with multiple parties such as Private Institutions, the Government of Nepal, and many more. Imperial Law Associates can draft, review, and revise these agreements that establish the Terms and Conditions of Energy and Transaction in a method that safeguards your rights.

Compliance Requirements of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Nepal Electricity Authority, the primary power distributor of Nepal, sets various compliance requirements for Hydropower and other Projects. In this regard, We, Imperial Law Associates are experienced in fulfilling the compliance requirements of the Electricity Board.

Due Diligence of the Project

Due Diligence is an investigative process that assesses the viability, risk, and opportunities of any business decision in the context of Corporate and Business Law.

Under Due Diligence, we conduct Legal and Regulatory Compliance as well as Technical and Operational Assessment of the Project.

Tender and Bidding Documents

Imperial Law Associates also has experience related to Drafting Tender and Bidding Documents for any project or other occasions with a fair procurement process.

Concession and State Support Agreements

Governmental Compliance and Support are essential requirements of any successful Energy and Infrastructure Projects. Concession agreements are sensitive documents that need to be negotiated and drafted with caution.

Financial Documentations

Imperial Law Associates also documents all forms of Financial Documents related to the Financial cum Legal Aspects of your Project/Company. Our Law Firm has seasoned experts who can analyze your Financial Documents and establish a path forward for the project.

Draft All Forms of Agreements

We also handle all forms of Agreements of the Project that range from Drafting, Negotiation, Review, and Re-vision. We envision expertly crafted agreements that safeguards your interest while balancing the project.

Contractual Operations

Enforcement of Contract is instrumental for your Projects. Our Legal Guidance also covers overseeing the Operations of the Contract, guaranteeing its execution, and maintaining each party’s adherence to Contractual Obligations.

Risk Strategy Advice

Our Expert Lawyers of Nepal also formulate various strategies related to risk management and Project Security. We cover all forms of Legal Challenges that can arise within the Project and communicate the best Legal Remedy to ensure the continuation of the Project.

Resolution of Dispute

Energy and Infrastructure Projects are bound to face several challenges, disputes, and conflicts. You necessitate expert lawyers who can provide Dispute Resolution Services from Arbitration to Litigation and also bring favorable outcomes for the Project.

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