E-Passport Registration in Nepal (2024)

 An E-Passport is a form of passport that includes Standard and Biometric Information about the passport holder. In Nepal, both Standard and E-Passports are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; however, the E-Passport application process is contingent upon the possession of the Standard Passport. Additionally, Foreign Consulates in other countries have issued Nepal Electronic Passports. 

1. What are the governing Laws for Passports in Nepal? 

Passport Act 2019 and Passport Regulations 2020 are the respective Substantive and Procedural Laws that manages the acquiring, renewal and recovery of Passports in Nepal. 

2. How Can I register for an E-Passport?

Applicants are required to be physically present at the relevant embassy during the live enrollment process in order to register for an electronic passport. To do so, they must fill out an online pre-enrollment form and schedule an appointment.

It should be noted that prior to obtaining an E-Passport, the individual shall be required to possess a passport.

3. How to apply for E Passport for Nepal?

The Procedure for the Application of E-Passport in Nepal are:

3.1. Complete the Pre-Enrollment Procedure Application

A valid passport is required prior to submitting an application for an electronic passport. Applicants must subsequently visit the website of the appropriate embassy or consulate at https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np. Applicants will be required to fill out the required information and upload their Citizenship Certificate and Passport digitally.

3.2. Schedule a Consultation at the Embassy

The applicant is also assigned a period of appointment during the application process, which specifies the precise date and time they are required to be in attendance at the Embassy or Consulate.

3.3. In Person Attendance at the Embassy

Upon confirming the appointment date and time, the applicant is required to appear in person at their embassy during the designated appointment period, accompanied by the necessary documentation including proof of Nepalese citizenship, an original passport, a valid visa, and a printed copy of the online application form. The applicant subsequently provides the required biometric information, including a photograph, fingerprint, and signature, in order to obtain an electronic passport.

3.4. Examination and Procedure for the Passport

As a result, the Embassy prepares the passport, which has a processing time of 30 to 45 days during which it performs the required diligence.

3.5. Making a Passport Claim

The applicant is subsequently notified once the passport has been processed and is available for collection at the appropriate embassy or consulate.

4. How do I submit a Passport E-Form?

The individual will be required to access the Department of Passports’ portal at https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np/ in order to submit an electronic form for obtaining a passport. Following completion of the procedure, the applicant will be required to submit a passport application. They must select First Issuance for the initial time, as well as Passport Renewal, Replacement, and the like. The E-Form can then be filled out and submitted after being appropriately redirected to the Application.

5. What documents are required for Nepalese E-Passport?

The required documents for an electronic passport are as follows:

  1. Front and Back Pages of the Certificate of Nepalese Citizenship
  2. Standard (Original) Passport
  3. Visas
  4. A hard copy of the application form mentioned above

6. How long does the process of obtaining a Nepalese E-Passport take?

The Embassy or Consulate of Nepal typically requires six to eight weeks to issue an electronic passport for an individual.

7. How much does Nepal E-Passport cost?

Predominantly, the cost of E-Passport has been set at 150 USD for 34 Page and NPR 200 USD for 66 Pages. 

8. Conclusion

The E-Passport, which can be obtained after obtaining a Regular Passport has integrated Standard and Biometric Information of the Passport Holder. It is governed by the Passport Act 2019 and Passport Regulations 2020. The application includes completing a pre-enrollment procedure, scheduling a consultation, appearing in person at the embassy, providing necessary documentation, and undergoing a biometric process. The processing time for the electronic passport is 30 to 45 days. The applicant is notified upon completion for collection at the embassy or consulate.

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