Imperial Law Associates is a renowned Tax Law Firm in Nepal with extensive experience and a large clientele in Tax Law. We simplify the complex processes and requirements of Taxation by providing expert legal services, ensuring compliance, and regular filing of Taxation.

Tax Filing Law Firm in Nepal

At Imperial Law Associates, we recognize the time limitations of our clients and ensure the submission of Tax in a regular manner. We also assist our clients in preparing as well as submitting Tax Documents for filing of tax and minimize the tax liabilities incurred in Nepal.

Tax Legal Advisor in Nepal

Our Tax Specialists have experience in providing expeditious Legal advice and complete guidance on a wide range of Taxation Issues. We suggest the Proper Taxation Structure for our clients and methods to legally optimize your Tax payment to the Government.

Direct and Indirect Taxes

As Taxation includes both Direct and Indirect Taxes, we specialize in both kinds of Taxes. For Corporations, Direct Taxes are applicable and our expertise can heavily assist you in optimizing your tax structure. Our objectives are preventing Tax Penalties and conducting regular Audits of your Taxes.

Double Taxation Agreements

Double Taxation is imposed because of National and International Regulations on tax because of cross-border transactions. Our Firm excels in devising plans for dealing with Double Taxation and conducting tax-efficient cross-border Trade, deals and other agreements.

We also advise our clients on the foremost techniques for avoiding Double Taxation and contending with any legal issue that arises out of such International Regulations.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Imperial Law Associates is a leading Law Firm in Nepal that handles the Corporate Tax Compliance requirements of its clients swiftly and speedily. We assuredly administer legal impediments of the applicable Tax Laws and regulations and accordingly, devise your Corporate Income Tax. We also optimize total tax payment within the bounds of Nepalese Law.

Tax Audits and Investigations

Tax Audits and Investigations are normalized processes in the Corporate Sector of Nepal which can be challenging as well as daunting. Our Law Firm proactively represents clients while tax audits are being conducted by the Inland Revenue Department, Nepal. We also conduct Legal Audits and Due Diligence of your Taxation to identify legal issues and minimize surprise revelations. If Negotiation or any other alternative mechanisms are necessitated, we protect our client’s interest and provide the best negotiators in Nepal

Tax Lawyer in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates has a seasoned arsenal of lawyers ready to provide representation in Tax Litigation matters. We have several experiences of defending our clients in tax disputes and other disputes. Before continuing to Tax Litigation, our Firm directs itself to solve conflict through alternative means such as Negotiation, Arbitration, and Mediation. We practice Tax Litigation before Nepalese Courts and Tribunals and protect the interest of our clients.

Federal, Provincial and Local Taxation

After the Federalization of Nepal, Taxation has extended across various levels of government with its specific regulations and jurisdictions. Our Law Firm can provide the appropriate structure for completing the filing of Federal, Provincial, and Local Taxation to our clients.

Tax Restructuring of Business Transactions

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures bring several Tax Restructuring Issues and other Legal Implications. Imperial Law Associates can act as your Legal Advisor providing extensive services in restructuring your corporate Tax Filing. We also assess your tax filings and minimize legal risks.

Tax Refund

Imperial Law Associates also represents its clients in appealing for Tax Refunds, appealing against Tax Penalties, and the enforcement of Judicial Decisions related to Taxation.

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