Construction Law

Imperial Law Associates is a leading Construction Law Firm in Nepal that has established itself as a trusted Legal Partner for clients seeking Construction Law Services in Nepal. Our Law Firm houses Construction Lawyers in Nepal with a nationwide reputation and commitment to Legal Excellence.

Structuring Construction Deals

Imperial Law Associates has expert Legal Professionals to provide a complete set of services for Structuring Construction Deals in Nepal. Our Deal Structuring is tailored to the unique objectives of our clients. Our Firm also finalizes Public Private Partnership Deals with the Government on behalf of our clients.

Agreement Drafting, Negotiation, and Review

Imperial Law Associates is renowned for Complete Agreement and Contract Drafting Services in Nepal with Contract Negotiation, Subcontractor Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Employee Labor Contracts. We have excellent practices in Negotiating Construction Agreements that protect our client’s interests. We also adeptly draft and review Subcontractor Agreements and minimize all role and responsibility conflicts. Our Firm is skilled in finalizing all other Legal Agreements for Construction Projects negotiating Deals and reviewing contracts, if necessary.

Contract Drafting and Review

Our Firm conducts diligent Contract Drafting and Reviews for our clients’ Construction Projects. We efficiently revise any outdated provisions of your Contracts and identify and renew them while ensuring compliance with Nepalese Rules and Regulations. Our Firm also holds impressive Contract Drafters with in-depth research Ability and extensive experience in drafting contracts.

Construction Law Litigation

Litigation, Disputes, and Conflicts are the steadfast aspects of Construction Law and construction companies require reliable and committed Construction Lawyers in Nepal to avoid legal complexities. Our leading Law Firm has a team of Corporate Professionals trained and specializing in Construction Dispute Resolution. We attempt to alternatively mediate contractual disputes and lack of payment conflicts through Arbitration and ADR. We also represent construction companies in the Court for Litigation in Nepal with adequate research, passionate advocacy, and thorough evidence presentation.

Construction Insurance Claims in Nepal

Construction Projects are likely to induce Hazardous and Life-Threatening Incidents because of which Construction Insurance Claims are much more likely to be filed. Our Law Firm initiates Claims Assessment along with complete Evidence and Incident Investigation and reviews the Policy Coverage. We also engage in Claims Negotiations with Construction Companies’ Employees and represent deceased or Injured in getting Insurance Claims.

Environment and Health Law Compliance

Construction Projects necessitate Environmental and Health Law Compliance and Nepal has specific Environmental Impact Compliance. Our Construction Law Firm in Nepal assists in conducting comprehensive legal cum environmental impact assessment as well as Health and Safety Compliance with Nepalese Rules and Regulations. Our expertise lies in obtaining necessary permits and approvals from the Government with a smooth path to execution. In cases where disputes vigorously arise, we represent you in the Court itself.

Coordination with Government Agencies and Government Contracts

Imperial Law Associates also initiates coordination with Government Agencies and Regulatory Authorities. We negotiate Government contracts and legal bid protests and appeals and secure desirable outcomes for our clients.

Construction Financing and Licensing

Here at Imperial Law Associates, we handle the complete legal aspects of Construction Financing and Leasing of our clients. We negotiate with Lenders and investors and draft any necessary documents and contracts to finalize the lease. We also conduct Legal Audits of our clients’ Financing. Moreover, we conduct Licensing Compliance to have the required licenses and permits to operate legally. We also keep our clients’ Licenses renewed and updated.

Construction Mediation and Arbitration

Our Law Firm also offers Mediation Services to facilitate the smooth resolution of construction disputes through a mutually agreeable solution. We also represent our clients in Construction Related Arbitration Proceedings. Moreover, we fully draft perplexing Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreements to immediately resolve construction Disputes outside of the court. Finally, Imperial Law also assists clients in the enforcement of Arbitration Awards and Mediation Agreements, both nationally and internationally.

Legal Advisor of Construction Projects

Imperial Law Associates has extensive experience acting as a Legal Advisor for Construction Projects in Nepal. We provide a comprehensive array of legal services for all Construction Projects that consist of agreement drafting, representation, contractual claims negotiation, and much more.

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