Construction Disputes

A Construction Dispute is a conflict or disagreement that arises within the context of a construction Project. It can arise from the Pre-Construction Planning, Contracting Phase, and the Post-Construction Phase. Imperial Law Associates is a leading Corporate Law Firm specializing in Construction Law in Nepal. Our Proficient Advocates have numerous experiences representing our clients in court cases, mediation, and arbitration. We have an accomplished practice in Contract Law, Regulatory Compliance, Employment, and Labor Law as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Construction Dispute Law in Nepal

Construction Business Act 2055 is the leading Construction Law in Nepal to manage and expand construction Businesses and promote construction entrepreneurs to the required Quality Standards. Chapter 2 of the Act provisions the required licenses for Construction. Section 21 of the Construction Business Act has also provisioned for Agreements with International Governments and Organizations.

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Before the continuation of Mediation in a Construction Dispute, it is fundamental to conduct a thorough assessment of the dispute including its causes, the problems, and the potential points of Agreement.

Our Law Firm collects all the relevant drafts including Agreements and Contracts to conduct neutral and unbiased Mediation Sessions.

We assist our clients in drafting Mediation Agreements that outline the terms and conditions of the settlements if reached.


As Mediation Agreements aren’t enforceable, Arbitration is another viable choice for Construction Disputes. Generally, The Initial Construction Project Contract prescribes Arbitration as the preferred method of Dispute Resolution.

Imperial Law Associates has both Contractors and Construction Firms as Clients and we can include an Arbitration Clause in your contracts. We also assist construction Firms in selecting qualified Arbitrators who specialize in Construction Matters.

Then, we completely manage the entire arbitration Process including Arbitration hearings, gathering evidence, and witness testimony.

Finally, after obtaining an arbitral award, we supervise its implementation through the appropriate methods.

Litigation and Court Cases

Even if Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution fail, our Preeminent Lawyers and Advocates represent Contractors and Construction Firms in Court Litigation and Cases.

We assess the merit of construction disputes and determine the likelihood of litigation. We represent our Clients in all the Courts of Nepal.

We also handle appeal cases and actively engage in the enforcement of Court judgments.

Agreement Negotiation

Agreements are an integral aspect of any Construction Project.

However, in Construction Disputes, agreements aren’t always enforceable and contradictions arise in reaching agreeableness.

In conditions as such this, Imperial Law Associates consistently conducts Negotiation of agreements to resolve disputes.

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