Competition Law

Competition Law is regulated by the Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act 2063. It requires appropriate compliance according to Nepalese Regulations, due diligence to investigate the violation of these regulations, and drafting appropriately related contracts. Imperial Law Associates, a distinguished and recognized Leading Law Firm provides Competition Law services through top Competition Lawyers in Nepal. 

Legal Risk Mitigation

Competition Laws are strict, and complex with severe penalties and consequences. The Breach of Competition Law results in financial penalties, imprisonment of key directors and officials as well as the disqualification of directors and secretaries. Therefore, every company requires a Law firm by its side to expediently deal with these issues. Here at Imperial Law Associates, we provide you with an easy solution for mitigating these risks through compliance with Antitrust Regulations and the Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, of 2063.

Competition Agreement Drafting

Imperial Law Associates also drafts all forms of agreements associated with Competition Law. The Wide Application of Competition Law requires companies to submit various kinds of documents. Our Law Firm drafts Merger and Acquisition agreements related to Pre-Merger Approval. We also draft Licensing and Distribution agreements for our clients keeping competition Law in mind. Banking and Insurance Companies have non-compete clauses whose legality and enforceability can be consistently reviewed by our Firm.

Regulatory Legal Advice on Competition Law

Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2063 is the major regulatory legal framework for competition law in Nepal. Our Law Firm guides compliance with Antitrust and Competition Regulations. We also prepare and file required documents to the regulatory authorities of Nepal on Competition Law. Moreover, we help our clients understand the major elements of Competition Regulations in Nepal to help them better shape their company campaigns.

Complete Legal Advisory Service

Because of the increasing national and international restrictions and regulations on Competition Law, it is highly suggested to have a Competition Law Legal Advisor at your side. Our Firm provides comprehensive services related to advising on Competition Law. We diligently represent our clients in antitrust and competition court disputes and pursue any valid contractual or breach claims against violators. We suggest alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for competition-related disputes through Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration.

Competition Due Diligence

Competition Due Diligence involves understanding the competitive landscape of the company such as Competitive Advantages, Key Competitors, and Competitive Threats. Our Law Firm specializes in conducting Due Diligence in your respective commercial space. We perform Due Diligence before M&A, Market Entry, and Collaboration as well as Joint Ventures and Partnerships.

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