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Company Law Firm in Nepal should possess knowledge of Nepal’s Legal Procedures, exhibit a client-centric approach, and demonstrate expertise in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. The selection of Company Lawyers in Nepal requires careful consideration of their capacity and Professional Skills as well as their overall dedication.

Imperial Law Associates is a premier Corporate Law Firm in Nepal, known for its versatile and diligent services provided to our esteemed clientele. We have served International Tech Giants, National Conglomerates, and Local Businesses, earning praise through 5-star Reviews. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in Company Law of Nepal:

Imperial Law Associates is a leading law firm that incorporates Private Companies in Nepal. Private Companies in Nepal are incorporated through the Companies (First Amendment) Act 2074 and Company Act 2063.

During the Process of Incorporation, we fulfill all the Legal Formalities and ensure compliance with Nepalese Laws as well as Documentation Procedures.

Incorporation of Public Companies

Moreover, Imperial Law Associates acts as a Legal Advisor and the Legal Body while transitioning a Company from a privately owned to a Public Company. We conduct liaising with regulatory bodies, warrant due diligence, and draft required agreements and prospectuses.

Profit Not Distributed Companies in Nepal can be incorporated with the Legal Assistance of our Firm. We cover the establishment of your company with ease and ensure that your company aligns with the warranted Legal Provisions

Holistic Company Services

Our Legal Team, at Imperial provides a comprehensive, complete, and collective solution to all of the Legal Needs of Companies in Nepal.  We provide diligent support that is based on our client’s interests and safety. We also act as Legal Advisors to Businesses, assisting them in Dispute Resolution and drafting contracts.

Post-Incorporation Filings

Post-incorporation filings involve the timely submission of necessary documents, due diligence, Corporate Operations as well and Compliance with regulatory bodies. Any Law Firm in Nepal must be collaborative, communicative, and collective to ensure the safety of their clients during Post-Incorporation Filings.

Imperial Law Associates also conducts Annual Compliance of companies. Our Experts oversee legal aspects of annual compliance by analyzing potential legal risks and changes in the legal framework. We also ensure that the contractual obligations of your companies are met without any hassle.

Company Restructuring

Company Restructuring is a Financial, Legal, and Technical and Imperial Law Associates handles the overall legal aspect of Company Restructuring in Nepal. We draft and revise agreements, conduct negotiations, solve disputes alternatively or through Litigation, and ensure compliance with Nepalese Law.

Drafting, Negotiation, and Finalization of Relevant Transaction Documents

Our Practice Area of Company Law involves the drafting of contracts, relevant negotiations, and the finalization of Transaction Documents. We draft errorless Contracts and Agreements as per our client’s needs, protect your interest during the Process, and mitigate potential legal disputes.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance involves establishing robust legal frameworks, crafting policies as well, and ensuring Legal Transparency. Corporate Governance is an essential requisite to enhance your corporate reputation.

Dispute Resolution

Imperial Law Associates is a Corporate Law Firm in Nepal that handles Litigation and Dispute Resolution of companies in Nepal. We are seasoned experts in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation and our diligent team of experts ensures favorable resolution for our clients.

Employment and Labor Contracts and Negotiations

Companies in Nepal require Legal Counsel for employment and labor matters. It is essential to draft equitable contracts, skillfully negotiate terms, and ensure Fair Practices. Imperial Law Associates arranges inclusive services related to Employee Contract Drafting, Formation of Agreements, and skillful negotiations.

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