Company Compliance

Introduction to Company Compliance

Company Compliance means adherence to the regulatory mechanisms established by the Government Rules and regulations for specific sectors and industries. Violation of Regulatory Mechanisms can bring legal consequences to any organization. To prevent such undesired violations, Company Compliance serves to be a methodical and systematic analysis of the legal status of companies to prevent undesired violations. Imperial Law Associates provides an exception and unrivaled professional legal solutions for Company Compliance in Nepal.

Company Compliance Laws in Nepal

The Nepalese Corporate Law lacks a concrete compliance framework in Nepal. However, specific laws have been developed for relevant sectors where the basics of compliance for those industries have been appropriately mentioned. Companies Act 2063 has indoctrinated relevant provisions to ensure compliance after Company Incorporation. To maintain their legality, the companies must adopt the regulatory requirements based on the Industry and Sector. The General Compliance requirements include regular tax filing, following industry standards, employment compliance, holding general meetings, and maintaining company records.

Our Services

Imperial Law Associates is a premier Corporate Law Firm in Nepal that provides a holistic collection of services on Company Compliance in Nepal with a critical assessment of regulatory mechanisms and unwavering dedication to our clients.

Preparation of Compliance Catalogue

At the First Stage of Company Compliance lies the custom preparation of a Compliance Catalogue or Compliance Checklist. Imperial Law Associates tailors its compliance catalog according to our client’s industry, laws, regulations, and legal requirements. 

We also regularly change these catalogs if Relevant National Laws and Regulations are changed. Moreover, we provide detailed legal guidance on maintaining our client’s records and documents for appropriate compliance.

Draft Compliance Documents

Compliance Documents including Agreements, Contract Compliance, and Policy Manuals must adhere to the prevailing Rules and Regulations of Nepal. Our Compliance Specialized Law Firm has a broad clientele in Compliance. We have drafted all required documents to mitigate compliance issues. 

We draft relevant company manuals, procedures, etc., and revise employment contracts and the Human Resource Team’s Policies to guarantee compliance with Nepalese Labor Laws.

File/Submit Compliance Documents

The Government or the Regulating Authority instigates or demands documents, contracts, or other compliance manuals if serious violations of legal frameworks have occurred. 

In such conditions, Our Law Firm can handle the registration and submission of various documents to the Government Authorities. Moreover, Taxation, another major element of compliance, is efficiently handled by our unparalleled corporate compliance lawyer ensuring regular submission of Tax requirements.

Identify the Status of Compliance

After years of establishment of a particular company or organization, it can have complications within the legal framework. Our Law Firm also initiates and conducts due diligence services to evaluate the compliance status of your organization or company during mergers, acquisitions, or other forms of partnerships. We also maintain an internal mechanism of reporting to provide an assessment brief to the head of the compliance department.

Provide Opinion on Compliance Matters

Legal Advisors are instrumental to companies and organizations actively engaged in legal compliance issues and interactions with regulating Authorities. Imperial Law Associates provides specialized legal advice on matters related to legal and financial compliance. Moreover, our compliance lawyers are professional legal advisors to the largest companies in Nepal.

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