Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts in Nepal are governed by the National Civil Code 2074 and requires a key understanding of National Law and the requirement of clients. It also suffers from challenges related to enforcement but nonetheless requires delicate expertise.

Imperial Law Associates is a renowned corporate Law Firm in Nepal that offers a comprehensive suite of services in Commercial Contracts. We are motivated with precision, professionalism, and extensive legal diligence to guarantee the best Legal Services for our clients. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and facilities in Commercial Contracts: 

Drafting Contract

Imperial Law Associates is a team of acknowledged lawyers that can craft legally sound contracts tailored to your specific needs. We draft Contracts for Share Purchases, Joint Ventures, Loan facilities, Private and Commercial leases, Equipment Purchases, Aircraft purchases and Leasing, IP Franchising, Software Licensing and much more. Moreover, while drafting a contract, we examine potential opportunities and risks for companies seeking our services.

Handling of Commercial Contracts

Imperial Law Associates holds expertise in dealing with and handling Commercial Contracts in Nepal. We operate through Partnership Agreements, Strategic Alliances as well and Shareholder Agreements. We ensure the enforcement of Contractual Obligations as well as remedies if the contract is breached.

Negotiating Terms

Negotiating Favorable Terms for our Clients is an utmost priority. We strive to induce Balanced Agreements that safeguard your Business Interests while securing beneficial terms on your behalf.

Contract Review and Amendment

Imperial Law Associates conducts Contract Review of existing Contracts to identify potential legal dilemmas, ambiguities, and areas for improvement. We conduct a comprehensive due diligence of the Contract and its Enforcement as well. Moreover, in the case of drawbacks, we amend the existing contract with the assent of the contractual parties.

Contract Interpretation

Contractual Language and Structure are considered complex to navigate. It requires a thorough analysis of the Contract as well as ensuring the Contracts are well-crafted and enforceable.

Contract Lawyers in Nepal should have the stringent capacity to induce a comprehensive review of existing contracts while interpreting them.

Contract Breach and Claims

Contract Breach and Claims have been secured by Chapter 5 Section 535 to Section 544 of National Civil Code 2074. Imperial Law Associates represents its clients in pursuing claims related to Contract Breaches and securing potential resolution for such Breaches. We also target securing remedies and compensation in regards to such Contract Breach and Claims.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Imperial Law Associates specializes in Mechanisms related to Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Arbitration, Mediation, and Negotiation. We provide efficient resolutions to the Contractual Dispute instead of opting for Lengthy Litigation.

We also pursue Litigation by meticulously representing our clients in the Court and advocating in your favor.

Contract Compliance Issues

Nepalese Contract Law and Customs is in a circumstance of continuous expansion. Therefore, Outdated or un-reviewed contracts can cause Compliance issues.

Our Law Firm keeps you informed of the changes in relevant laws and regulations in Nepal while ensuring your contract complies with the current Legal Standard.

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