Best Divorce Law Firm in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates is an internationally awarded full-service law firm specializing in divorce law with the best divorce lawyers in Nepal. The firm has had countless experiences conducting high-profile divorces, divorces for non-resident Nepalis, and mutual consent divorces throughout its illustrious tenure. The firm houses the best divorce lawyers in Nepal, dedicated and passionate about having a financially and legally beneficial divorce for its clients.

1.1. Best Divorce Law Firm in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates houses some of the best divorce lawyers in Nepal, capable of executing financially complex divorce cases and successfully securing beneficial divorce for their clients.

The firm is equipped with 10+ licensed advocates and divorce lawyers dedicated to advocating for and fighting for your legal rights after the divorce.

1.2. Step-by-Step Guide to the Divorce Process in Nepal

Step 1: Filing the Divorce Petition

The process commences with either the husband or wife initiating the divorce proceedings by filing a petition at the relevant District Court.

Step 2: Serving Notice to the Other Party

Upon receiving the petition, the court issues a notice to the other party, formally informing them of the divorce proceedings.

Step 3: Responding to the Petition

The party served with the notice is required to respond within the specified timeframe by submitting a reply to the court.

Step 4: Mediation Attempt

The Court provides a 1-year timeframe to facilitate a mediation session between the spouses to resolve spousal disputes.

Step 5: Property Partition (if applicable)

In cases where the divorce is sought by one party and, if requested by the other party, the court mandates the partition of property between the spouses before finalizing the divorce.

Step 6: Interim Alimony Provision

If property partition is delayed, the court may proceed with the divorce and order the spouse seeking divorce to provide monthly expenses to the other spouse as alimony until the partition is concluded.

Step 7: The Court’s Final Decision

If mediation efforts prove unsuccessful and the court deems it appropriate to dissolve the marriage, it issues the final decree of divorce, officially terminating the marital relationship.

Step 8: Marriage Registration Certificate Cancellation

Following the court’s decision, the divorce decree is recorded, and the marriage registration certificate is cancelled at the relevant ward office.

1.3. Divorce Services, Experience and Practice of the Firm

1.3.1. Free Legal Consultation

Our experienced divorce lawyers provide complimentary legal consultations where we discuss the specifics of your divorce situation and provide preliminary solutions. You won’t be charged for this service.

1.3.2. Legal Representation

Throughout the divorce proceedings in court, our divorce lawyers provide legal representation for your court proceedings, consisting of skilled and industry-leading experts.

1.3.3. Drafting legal documents

The firm prepares and submits a divorce petition along with other necessary legal documents. Our internationally acclaimed drafting team guarantees the highest quality documents.

1.3.4. Mediation and negotiation

Our lawyers can also facilitate mediation and negotiation between spouses outside of the court and engage with the local government and its judicial committee to safely direct your legal rights.

1.3.5. Child Custody and Support

We work to secure our clients’s rights to child custody arrangements and support from their partner. We also represent individuals required to provide child custody and support and, rightfully, advocate.

1.3.6. Property Division

If mediation and negotiation efforts fail, we handle the partition of property for an equal distribution of marital assets and properties.


Imperial Law Associated is equipped with over 10 licensed advocates and divorce specialists to secure favorable divorces for our clients. The firm has experience handling high-profile divorces, including those for non-resident Nepalis and mutual consent divorces.

Our firm offers the following divorce-related services: free legal consultations, legal representation, drafting legal documents, mediation and negotiation, child custody and support representation, and property division.

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