Banking, Finance and Insurance

Imperial Law Associates is a distinguished Corporate Law Firm in Nepal reputed for expert corporate lawyers and services specializing in Banking, Insurance, and Finance Law. Our Team offers a holistic service with a commitment to excellence establishing itself as a trusted law firm in financial and legal matters of high-profile companies in Nepal.

Because of the expanding landscape of the Banking, Insurance, and Finance Sector of Nepal, we provide outstanding services from exceptional contract and agreement drafting to effortless policy review and mergers for insurance, banks, finances as well and Real Estate Companies

Draft, Revise and Review of Documents and Sheets

Imperial Law Associates excels at drafting, revising, and reviewing legal agreements, insurance policies, loan documents, and other legal documents of the banking, finance, and insurance sectors of Nepal. We flawlessly identify and rectify all the legal loopholes in those documents for the betterment of the company. We also provide comprehensive documentation services for credit facilities and other Legal documents.

Advisor on Legal and Regulatory Framework and Compliance

Nepal, throughout the years, has developed globally differentiable Compliance and Regulatory Framework policies for businesses, especially banks and insurance. Here at Imperial Law Associates, we ensure compliance with evolving rules and compliance requirements promptly. We also conduct regulatory audits to guarantee adherence to the Banking and Insurance Laws of Nepal.

Legal Advisor to Insurance Companies

Imperial Law Associates also serves as Legal Advisors to Insurance Companies with expert Insurance Lawyer in Nepal. It covers corporate areas such as Policy Drafting, Processing of Claims, assessment and audits, and legal optimization of Insurance Operations. We represent our clients in negotiations, disputes, and litigation and assist them in compliance with the Nepal Insurance Authority.

Foreign Banks and Insurance Companies in Nepal

Imperial Law Associates arranges extensive support for foreign banks and insurance companies targeting Nepalese Markets as it is a leading Banking Law Firm in Nepal. We have equipped banking lawyers in Nepal to navigate through Regulatory Approvals, mediate trade agreements, and resolve any other legal complications that may occur during the process.

Advise on Banking and Finance

Imperial Law Associates has extended its advisory function from Insurance Companies to Financial Institutions such as Banks on a wide range of Finance and its legal facets. Our extensive expertise covers lending and credit compliance as well as Investment Strategies. We have excelled in structuring Financial Transactions and Agreements and conducting Legal Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Debt Restructuring

Our team of corporate professionals has experience in developing and implementing debt restructuring plans in Nepal. We are reputed for creating sustainable repayment plans and restructuring the obligations stated in the debt agreement. Our efforts for debt restructuring extend to Litigation to ensure the guarantee of our client’s interest and progress.

Liquidation and Bankruptcy

Liquidation and Bankruptcy is a complex process that necessitates legal compliance and due diligence in Nepal and requires a trustworthy lawyer. We have represented debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and had experiences with laws related to liquidation and bankruptcy in Nepal.

Recovery of Debts and Dishonor of Cheques

Imperial Law Associates can swiftly recover outstanding debts and/or dishonor of cheques through alternative Legal Mechanisms as well as Court Mechanisms. We provide unfallible legal support, notices, and legal actions to provide cost-effective debt recovery solutions.

Documentation of Loan, Credit, Security, and others

Our Firm can custom draft documents and agreements related to loans, Credit, Security, etc. that meet the Legal Requirements of Nepal.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Imperial Law Associates can also facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures in the Banking, Insurance, and Finance Sectors of Nepal providing a comprehensive guide to the entire process. During the whole process, we conduct due diligence on our clients and negotiate agreements and contracts representing our clients.

Insurance Policy Review

We are a leading Insurance Law Firm in Nepal and conduct an in-depth legal review of our client’s insurance policies to ensure compliance with Nepalese Laws and potential coverage gaps in the insurance.

Insurance Claims

We also represent Clients in disputes related to Insurance Coverage and Claims through our expert Insurance Lawyers in Nepal. Our services include Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms for claims related to Insurance in Nepal. Our expertise lies in Negotiations and Court Litigation while upholding legal and ethical sanctions.

Real Estate Finance

Imperial Law Associates provides a complete array of services to Real Estate Companies, acting as a Real Estate Law Firm in Nepal. We structure and negotiate financial arrangements and ensure compliance with real estate laws and regulations. Additionally, our diligent team of experts conduct relevant due diligence and handle the legal aspects of Loan, Mortgage, Financing, etc.

Related Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Imperial Law Associates houses impressive and expertly trained Corporate Lawyers who can represent their clients with excellence in Litigation and Disputes related to the Banking, Insurance, and Finance Sectors of Nepal.

We are highly experienced in Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation as well as other form of Dispute Resolution. In times of need, our lawyers diligently represent the clients in court with in-depth research.

Financing of Mega Projects

Our Law Firm occasionally offers specialized legal advice for Large-Scale Mega Projects and other developmental projects in Nepal. We guarantee legal compliance with all legal and regulatory requisites of Nepal. Our team provides unwavering dedication in contract drafting and ensures the success of your Mega-Project.

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