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Imperial Law Associates is a leading Aviation Law Firm in Nepal with the presence of specialized Aviation Lawyers with Previous Experiences in the Industry.  We offer holistic services to the Aviation Industry of Nepal and provide our clients with the following aviation-related services and facilities in Nepal:

Airline Licensing and Certification

Imperial Law Associates offers Airline Licensing and Certification in Nepal by guiding our clients through the Application Process, compliance with standards by Aviation Authorities, and dealing with any potential legal anomalies.

We handle the entire process of Preparing and Submitting Applications for operating licenses and permits, ensure safety and operational standards for certification, and gain approvals to expand the route of your airline.

Aircraft Purchase and Sale Transactions

Our Law Firm also advances the transaction of aircraft in Nepal by acting as a Legal Advisor. We conduct due diligence, Negotiate Terms, Draft Agreements, and Oversee the Transfer of Aviation Ownership on behalf of our client.

Our Firm conducts comprehensive due diligence on your airlines and negotiates the purchase agreements of the aircraft. We oversee the transfer of Aircraft Ownership and finalize the purchase of Aircraft.

Aircraft Financing and Leasing

Our Team specializes in securing deals for Aircraft Financing and Leasing by handling its legal aspects while aligning it to your Financial Goals.

We draft agreements that outline payment terms, obligations, and mechanisms for Dispute Resolution. We also protect the interest of our clients during the Contract and ensure compliance with Legal and Tax Regulations during the Leasing and Financing.

Aircraft Registration and Ownership

Nepal has strict laws related to the Registration and Ownership of Aircraft and a complex process of Aircraft Registration. Imperial Law Associates provides a holistic service for Registering Aircraft, establishing ownership rights, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws related to Aviation.


We offer legal advice on the Validity of Ownership and provide end-to-end guidance on Registration Procedures. 

Aviation Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In cases of Aviation Disputes, Our Specialized Litigators and Advocates represent the clients in the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as Litigation while promoting your Interest.

We set up a pre-litigation strategy and aim to avoid Litigation if possible. If unavoidable, we handle cases ranging from contractual disputes to Liability Claims related to Aircraft.

Global Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

Leveraging a global network, Imperial Law Associates enforces arbitration awards across jurisdictions, while safeguarding client rights. We secure recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards in foreign jurisdictions, converting awards into enforceable judgments.

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Our Experienced Team of Legal Professionals ensures that your aviation Operation aligns with both National and International Laws and Regulations.

Aviation Law Firm in Nepal IP Law

ILA acts as a Legal Advisor on property Intellectual Property of the Aerospace Sector. We assist our clients in patent applications and trademark registration while safeguarding innovations in Aviation Technology. We draft Technology Transfer Agreements, develop licensing agreements and royalty structure, and conduct due diligence in association with the Intellectual Property.

Aviation Insurance Claims

Imperial Law Associates also offers counseling and advice in sustaining claims related to Aviation Insurance. We are involved in negotiations with insurers and legally provide you by assessing the Claim.

We assess the validity of your insurance claims and all necessary documents and determine the extent of coverage of the Insurance Policy.
If our client’s insurance is denied wrongfully, Imperial Law Associates pursues Litigation to challenge and sustain the Claim.

Drafting Contract for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

Imperial Law Associates drafts all forms of Contracts related to Aviation Law in Nepal. We draft, revise, and negotiate contracts for Aircraft Maintenance, Repairing as well and other Aviation Operation related issues.

We define the warranty and the remedies in the Contract in the case of a defect or Performance issue.

Handle Complex Multi-Jurisdictional Transactions

As Aviation Operations isn’t limited to Nepal, Imperial Law Associates can exercise its in-depth understanding of National and International Aviation Laws to guide you through Multi-Jurisdictional Disputes and Litigations across different regions.

Our Legal Team also performs cross-border due diligence to assess the legal and financial risks of the Multi-Jurisdictional Transaction and suggest the proper decision.

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