Arbitration offers an efficient and confidential means to resolve disputes in the Global Corporate Sector, including Nepal. Imperial Law Associates is a leading Corporate Law Firm in Nepal, providing top-tier services related to Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Our firm prioritizes legal expertise, professionalism, and deep understanding of Corporate Arbitration Proceedings. Imperial Law Associates provides the following services and provisions for Arbitration in Nepal:

Complete Arbitration Proceedings

Imperial Law Associates expertly guides clients through the entirety of arbitration proceedings, spanning from initiation to conclusion. We analyze cases and formulate strategies for optimal success in the Arbitration Process.

 Our team of skilled legal professionals gathers, organizes, and presents evidence to support client arguments during hearings. We conduct cross-examinations, provide guidance on post-award remedies, and present legal grounds for appeals to maximize client interests.

Pre-Arbitration Planning

Prior to formal Arbitration proceedings, strategic planning is essential to address client-specific issues. We conduct in-depth analyses of agreements made during contracts, identifying potential disputes, drawbacks, and relevant Arbitration laws. We engage in dialogue with opposing parties to explore settlement possibilities and avoid Arbitration when feasible. We also draft tailored dispute resolution clauses for clients.

Representation in National and International Tribunals

Imperial Law Associates represents clients in both national and international arbitration forums. We assess and finalize appropriate jurisdictions for arbitration, considering location and governing laws. We handle necessary documentation and filings with selected Arbitral Tribunals.

Facilitation of Arbitrator Selection

Our team assists clients in selecting Arbitrators suited to the nature of Arbitration Proceedings based on their expertise. We perform comprehensive background checks, verifying track records, and ensuring impartiality during the Arbitrator selection process.

Drafting of Arbitration Agreements

Before initiating Arbitration Proceedings, precise arbitration agreements are essential. Our experienced professionals draft arbitration agreements detailing the Arbitration Process, jurisdiction, applicable laws, and terms. We ensure clarity and precision, aligning with relevant laws and international conventions.

Global Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

Leveraging a global network, Imperial Law Associates enforces arbitration awards across jurisdictions, while safeguarding client rights. We secure recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards in foreign jurisdictions, converting awards into enforceable judgments.

Advocacy as Arbitration Law Firm in Nepal

Our experienced advocates represent clients during Arbitration Hearings with thorough preparation, compelling arguments, and rigorous cross-examinations. We prepare for hearings and evidence analysis to substantiate client claims.

Holistic Process Management

Our Corporate Law Firm oversees the entirety of the Arbitration Process, from drafting complaints and selecting Arbitrators to conducting hearings and enforcing awards. Management within Nepal involves document administration, comprehensive reviews, and preparing submissions.

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